ACT Testing…No Need to Stress!

ACT Testing…No Need to Stress!

Today I took the ACT. I have been stressing about it since the school year started but once the test booklet was set in front of me, I discovered that there really wasn’t anything to worry about. It’s just like another school test, except it covers a lot more. Even I, though not the greatest test taker, was able to get through it. It really isn’t anything to worry about. So for all you who haven’t taken it yet, here’s how I got through it: study past school work (especially math) anything helps, don’t cram the night before – it doesn’t help at all, the night before do something to get your mind off of it; I went to the gym and relieved some stress and it worked wonders; the day of the test, don’t freak out! That’s probably the biggest one. It’s nothing to be scared of!

If you need any other advice on the test, I can try to help! Just let me know! -xox, dalg98


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