Types of People at the Gym

Types of People at the Gym

If anyone reading this watches Jenna Marbles on YouTube she did a blog about this (and if not you should check her out she’s hilarious). I’ve recently started going to the gym and there are all kinds of different people there working out.

  • There are the walkers- who insist on pointing multiple fans at them as they walk. 
  • The talkative ones- who stand around the equipment when others are waiting to use it talking to their buddies. 
  • The I’m-so-cool-cuz-I-work-out ones who lift a lot of weight and do a lot of reps and grunt and moan when they lift. 

So yeah. Don’t get me wrong I love going to the gym, it’s just I see these people – especially the talkative ones – and think what are you thinking?! 

Btw make sure to check out my YouTube channel! Dallas_g98 I posted a dance vid the other day!!

-xox, dalg98


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