YouTube Suggestions!

YouTube Suggestions!

Not gonna lie, my biggest guilty pleasure has got to be watching YouTube. I legit watch it ALL THE TIME! whether I’m watching music videos, or cheerleading/gymnastics/dance videos or funny videos or how-to videos, I literally always am watching something. There are some channels I am constantly on, here we go! (I’ll have links to these channels at the end!)

  1. Connor Franta – Connor was a member of previous YouTube group O2L, but now he makes his own videos on his own channel. I love watching his videos, he’s hilarious, most of his videos are really relatable for anyone, and he gives pretty good advice. My favorite video he did was probably “What Popular Songs Really Mean”. It’s really funny.
  2. Jenna Marbles – Jenna is probably my favorite female YouTuber. She’s just so fun to watch and I mean she has puppies! Well not really puppies but cute dogs! And who doesn’t love dogs?! (The correct answer to that is no one. No one doesn’t like dogs). Plus she is just super random and manages to be hilarious and make a point. If you’re going to check her out, make sure you watch her video “How to Avoid People You Don’t Want to Talk To”.
  3. Dylan Dauzat – Dylan is well, there’s really no way to describe him. He’s just Dylan. He sings and gives advice and makes you laugh because he’s just Dylan! (Plus he’s cute…like really really cute) Check out his video “My Strange Obsessions”.
  4. Superwoman – she’s awesome; she’s super funny and I love her videos! I discovered her one night when I couldn’t sleep and needed something to do. Watch her video “Emotions I Go Through When I See My Crush Online” it’s great.
  5. Alex Constancio – well I mean he’s Austin Mahone’s best fiend so there’s that. Plus he’s cute and funny and random. Check out his video “Studio Sessions-Four Five Seconds”. 

I also find most of my new music interests on YouTube. 

  1. Austin Mahone
  2. Jake Miller
  3. Peyton Sanders
  4. Jack and Jack
  5. Palm Trees and Power Lines

Make sure to check these people out! Like, subscribe, comments on their videos if you enjoy them. Comment some of your favorite videos/channels below!

-xox, dalg98


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