10 Things I Hate About High School

10 Things I Hate About High School

So I got this idea from an Andrea Russett video. I just recently got into watching her videos that’s why she wasn’t mentioned in my last post. Ill post the link to her channel at the end. (Andrea if you happen to be reading this, you’re awesome!)
High school isn’t all bad, but there some things that seriously bug me. (And maybe it’s just my school I don’t know) 

  1.  Seating charts- I will never understand why teachers put the troublemakers next to the good kids. Haven’t they figured out that those troublemakers are going to talk to their friends no matter where they sit??
  2.  The food- my school is a closed campus so we aren’t allowed to leave to go get lunch. We have to either pack a lunch or eat the crappy school food. And honestly I don’t have time to make a lunch in the morning because I am getting ready and I don’t have time at night because I’m usually swamped in homework up to my eyeballs. 
  3. The dress code- oh where do I begin? Let’s see girls can’t wear leggings or yoga pants because they are “distracting”; girls can’t wear tank tops because they are “distracting”; girls can’t show their shoulders because it’s “distracting”; but guys can sag their pants as low as they want and wear super tight muscle shirts and it’s not distracting to girls AT ALL right?
  4. The phone rule- we aren’t allowed to have phones on us at all. In fact they should be left at home we are told. Okay what about people who play sports after school and don’t have a ride home? How are they supposed to call home if they don’t have their phones? I get not having them in class but what about between classes and at lunch? To be honest I focus better when I’m listening to music than when I have to listen to people talking. 
  5. “The bell doesn’t dismiss you, I do”- this doesn’t really happen at my school other than one teacher, but I’ve heard of it happening elsewhere. If the bell doesn’t dismiss us, WHAT IS IT EVEN THERE FOR?!?
  6. Passes- we legit have to have passes to go anywhere. To go to the bathroom or our locker or to get a drink from the drinking fountain even if the fountain is across the hall. Like seriously if you look in any of the classroom garbage cans I guarantee it’ll be full of those little yellow slips of paper. 
  7. There is no respect- I know there are kids at my school who have no respect for other students and no respect for teachers. THIS IS WHY WE HAVE THESE STUPID RULES!!!!!!! It’s because of students who act like they rule the world and don’t care about anyone else that everyone has to deal with the consequences. 
  8. Locker size- kay I am short. Like really short. And the lockers at my school are perfect height for a 6 foot tall basketball player, but not for a short girl like me. I cannot reach the top shelf no matter how hard I try. Oh what it’d be like to see the top of my locker…..
  9. Teachers who play favorites- don’t lie there’s always one teacher who does this. When one person isn’t doing what they’re supposed to it’s the end of the world. But when their “favorite” student does the exact same thing there’s nothing wrong with it!
  10. And finally Not having enough time to do everything teachers ask- between school, homework, sports, clubs, family time, being with friends, and a job if you h e one, we students barely have time to breathe! I feel overwhelmed with all of these things more often than not and it impacts how I do in school and sports. If I’m too stressed out because I have tests and games and other things going on, chances are I’m not going to be able to focus on just one thing and the rest is going to go down the toilet! 

Okay sorry this post was so long. I had a lot to say alright!! But comment some things that you don’t like about school! All it takes to comment is your email address! And make sure to keep up with my Twitter: @Hey_im_Dallas and Instagram! @Dallas_G98

-xox, dalg98


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