Pre-Prom Primping

Pre-Prom Primping

It’s a rite of passage, it’s the biggest night of high school, it’s a night to remember (to quote High School Musical), but it sure is a hassle. Buying tickets, finding the perfect dress and shoes and jewelry, getting a date, hair and nail appointments, the whole nine yards. It gets pretty crazy.
Lucky for me I didn’t have to buy a new dress. I had my Quinceañera a couple years ago and I’m just wearing my dress from that. It’s hot pink and black and my aunt made it over so it looks like a completely different dress. I love it. (I’ll add a pic at the end so you all can see it)
Then there’s shoes and hair and nails. Mom wanted me to wear heels (#shortgirlproblems) but that’s not me. I wanted to wear Chuck Taylor’s. Eventually I got my mom to agree with me so sneakers it is. As far as my hair and nails go I have no clue about either of them yet…probably should figure that out since prom is Saturday….
Prom might be a rite of passage or whatever but why does it have to be so much work?! *sigh* oh well I’m sure it’ll be lots of fun no matter what!
Check back after this weekend to see how it went! If you wanna see pics follow my Instagram! @Dallas_G98!

-xox, dalg98


(My dress)


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