Post Prom Post

Post Prom Post

It’s been about a week since my first prom. I promised I’d check in and here it is!

Prom was a lot of fun. Friday I got my nails done (hot pink with black tips of course) and then went to a Pre-prom bonfire that my friend had. Saturday I got up around 7 and went to breakfast with one of my closest friends and her mom (who is my my mom’s best friend), then headed off to get my hair done. Afterwards I came home to do my makeup and get my dress on. OH! There was an earthquake while I was getting ready!!!! It only lasted a couple seconds but it still happened! Anyways, then we took about a gazillion pictures just in my living room before heading to the park to take a gazillion more pictures (including one of me in the cop car). And then went up to the high school to load the buses to go to our Mystery Prom Location.
After two hours on the bus we finally arrived at our location… Tawas Bay Resort. It’s was right on the water so we took another gazillion pics on the beach and on the pier.

After dinner the dance started. I pretty much danced the whole night. Shoutout to my date who wasn’t a stick in the mud and danced with me! (And with my friend who didn’t have a date!) When it got dark out we lit lanterns and let them float from the beach; that was beautiful. Then we got back on the bus to come home.

Even though both of my parents were there, it was still a ton of fun. It wouldn’t have been the same without them. I’m glad my date had fun too, it wouldn’t have been the same without him either!!!

Prom is definitely an experience I’ll never forget (and not just because of the earthquake). I can’t wait for next year to do it all again!! 

Me and My Date
My Mom and I
Two of my Chicas
My Girlies
My Best Friend Since Kindergarten
On the Beach
Another One on the Beach
Right Before We Left

Mom and Dad
  -xox, dalg98


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