My Bucket List

My Bucket List

Hey guys what’s up? Sorry it’s been so long but I think that I finally got over my writers’ block! I was looking through some old notebooks and I found none other than my very own bucket list. I’m sure almost everyone has their own bucket list, things they want to do before they die. Mine only has 16 things on it so far but I’m going to keep adding on as I get older. When I found my bucket list of course I thought, ‘hey that would be a really cool blog post!’ and here we are. So, without further ado, here is my bucket list *whoosh!*:

  1. Austin Mahone Concert (Done 9.9.14)
  2. Jake Miller Concert
  3. Go Someplace New
  4. Meet Austin Mahone
  5. Meet Jake MIller
  6. Finish Not Invisible (a story I am currently writing)
  7. Go to College
  8. Dance a Solo
  9. Jake Miller Twitter Follow (Done 11.10.14)
  10. Austin Mahone Twitter Follow (Done 2.2.15)
  11. Meet Becky G
  12. FIlm a YouTube Video (Done 3.21.15 – make sure to check it out: Dallas_G98 Dazed and Confused Hip Hop Dance)
  13. Fly on an Airplane by Myself
  14. Travel the World
  15. New York Yankees Baseball Game at Yankees Stadium
  16. Watch the Sunset on the Beach

So yeah, that’s pretty much it! Make sure to check out my social media Twitter: @Hey_im_Dallas and Instagram: @Dallas_G98

Until next time my lovelys, -xox, dalg98


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