Summer Book Recommendation (Finally!)

Summer Book Recommendation (Finally!)

Before you say anything, yes, I realize it has been FOREVER since I posted. I know, I’m sorry. I wish I had a good excuse but I’m gonna be honest, I’ve been just lazy. I legit have done barely anything other than be lazy and watch YouTube videos all summer. I figure I should post a book recommendation before the month is up, uh, tomorrow.

I recently completed A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall. It’s a cute love story about college students Lea and Gabe. The two are in the same creative writing class and it’s obvious to everyone that they have a thing for each other, but neither of them knows if the other feels the same way.

A Little Something Different is a unique book. Most books I’ve read only have one or two of the character’s viewpoints. This book has way more than that. Along with Lea and Gabe’s, the story is told by Maribel, Lea’s roomate; Inga, the creative writing professor; Sam, Gabe’s brother; Victor, a creative writing classmate; Bob, a bus driver; Casey, Gabe’s friend; Maxine, a waitress; Danny, Lea’s friend; Pam, Inga’s wife; Charlotte, a barista at Starbucks; a bench at the college; a squirrel; Frank, a Chinese food delivery guy; and Hillary, another creative writing classmate.

I really enjoyed reading this book because it was different than anything I’ve ever read. I definitely recommend this book, it’s a great love story and has some great advice in it. Make sure you’ll check it out!

That’s all for today peeps. I promise I’ll be more active starting now. In fact, I’m going to post tomorrow! Yeah…not sure what I’m gonna write about but it’ll happen! If you guys have anything that you want me to write about make sure to comment and let me know!

OH! Before I leave, there’s a small possiblity that I will be doing this thing for this magazine in the near future…..follow my twitter to find out what’s going on! @Hey_im_Dallas. And also if you want you can check out my Instagram: @Dallas_G98 because I post on there a lot. Probably a lot more than I should actually…

-xox, dalg98


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