4th of July! *Firework sound here*

4th of July! *Firework sound here*

What’s up guys? I am back for the THIRD time this week, I know, new record or something. You might be wondering, “Dallas, why have you been writing so much? Don’t you have a life outside the internet?” and my answer is…….no. Okay? No, I literally have no life. I do absolutely nothing other than sit on my iPad and watch YouTube videos and write all. stinking. day. But I mean, what else am I going to do? I don’t have a license, (even though I’m 17 years old) all of my friends have lives of their own, and I have no money to do anything anyways. So yeah…….no life………basically living on the internet………..

ANYWAYS!! Back to what I’m supposed to be blogging about! For all of my fellow Americans out there, (I don’t know, maybe some of my readers are from a different country) you all know what today is…..IT’S THE 4TH OF JULY!!!!! WOOHOO INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!! The day America became free! Now, some of you may ask, what do teenagers do on the 4th of July, it’s not like they can go out and party or anything. Well, yeah, there isn’t much we can do…..I mean if you’re under 18 you can’t even buy fireworks sooooooo……but you can definitely spend time with family and friends and what more can you ask for really?

Today I walked in a parade, a typical holiday tradition. Ah, I remember the good ole days when I would be able to watch the floats and people walk by. Waving for candy and holding my little grocery bag for goodies. *Sigh* the memories. No but seriously, parades are awesome and I love them. I love watching them and walking in them, though I do more walking than watching now that I’ve started to grow up. Parades are basically an excuse for kids to take candy from strangers….that’s kind of a scary thought…….well……..this blog took a turn for the worse very quickly…..

Anywho, I also went swimming at a family friend’s pool with my lovely fam bam. By swimming I mean I sat on the deck to tan and splashed myself with pool water every once in a while to cool down, but still! Swimming! I’m really not big on swimming….it’s just not my thing…..I like laying in the sun though and catching those rays. I also ate a popsicle because popsicles are the bomb. I mean who doesn’t like flavored ice?! Am I right?

We’re heading to the firworks in a llittle while. Like an hour or two. It doesn’t even start getting dark till like 9:30 though so we might be waiting for a bit. My family is gonna be there, all of my cousins. Though I’m the oldest one so…..but we get to do sparklers and yes, I am 17 years old, yes I know sparklers is a little kids thing, but I love them and they are my favoritest thing in the whole world. I literally have waited a year to do sparklers again, actually it’s been more than a year because I was up north with my other side of the family last year and we didn’t do sparklers. So don’t judge when – if you’re following me on Instagram – you see pics of me with a sparkler in my hand. And admit it, you know you like the sparklers too!

So my 13 year old brother has been doing this thing (because idiots who live around me started their celebrating a day early) where every time he hears a firework go off he goes “There’s the cannon, another fallen tribute Dallas.” Yes, as in The Hunger Games. (Great trilogy by the way, make sure to check it out.) It’s really annoying considering he does it every. single. time. Thanks bro.

So yeah, that’s basically how I spend the 4th of July! Just chillin’ really. Keep in mind I live a boring life that revolves around social media….speaking of social media, you should definitely follow me on Twitter: @Hey_im_Dallas and also on Instagram: @Dallas_G98 because all the cool people do. Plus, if you follow me there’s a pretty big chance I will follow you back and hey, that’s kinda cool right? At the very least you gain a new follower!

Welp, that’s it for today guys! I’ll update again sometime in the near future! But for now, adios mi amigos! (See I speak Spanish, I’m cool I know, I know) BYE GUYS TATA FOR NOW!

-xox, dalg98


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