Quick Check In and New YouTube Interests

Quick Check In and New YouTube Interests

Hey, what’s up, hello!!! Sorry that’s been stuck in my head for like three days…..

Anyways, I feel like I never just talk to you guys. Like yeah, I talk about random crap and stuff, but we don’t have normal conversations that normal people would have. I mean there was that one post where I told you a few things about me but like, that was it……

So for today, since I just posted yesterday, I’m just going to quickly check in. Um let’s see, what’s going on….I’m going to a church retreat with my brother tomorrow. Expect to have a new post about that sometime this weekend. Unless I bring my tablet with me, I don’t know, you’ll have to stay tuned. Ummm, oh, I have some new YouTube interests (in case you couldn’t tell by the title) there’s MyLifeAsEva, CODYJOHNS, The Dolan Twins, Arden Rose, and MayBaby. They’re all awesome to watch so if you get the chance you definitely should check them out!! 

What else is going on in the wonderful, weird life of Dallas….? Um, I am scheduled to take my senior pics in August! Wow, my first official act as a senior. That’s a scary thought. Uhhhh…..that’s pretty much it. I am quite boring.

So I mean you can check out my Twitter and Instagram if ya want to. I post some cool stuff on there, at least, my mom tells me it’s cool….my Twitter is @Hey_im_Dallas and my Instagram is @Dallas_G98. If you check out the YouTubers mentioned, let me know what you think!

-xox, dalg98


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