July Book Review

July Book Review

Hi guys! So I think now is a good time to post my next book review! So here we go, wheeeeee!!!

Generation Dead is one of my favorite and most read books on my bookshelf. I’ve read it so many times it’s crazy. There’s this girl, her name is Phoebe, and there’s this football player, his name is Tommy. But Tommy isn’t like the other guys on the team. He’s one of the many living impaired kids at their school. By living impaired yeah, I mean dead, or I guess, undead. He’s a zombie. It isn’t right for Phoebe to like Tommy, and many people find it gross and disturbing. Especially Pete Martinsburg, zombie hater. Pete is willing to try anything and everything to get rid of the zombie kids at his school. Not only does it put the living impaired in danger, but also the living kids who get along with the zombies and don’t mind them. Kids like Phoebe and her best friend Adam.

Like I said, I’ve read Generation Dead so many times. I love it because it shows that you don’t have to be the same as everyone else to be brave. Tommy isn’t a normal teenage kid, but he tries. He goes out for the football team…and makes it. He takes Phoebe to the homecoming dance. He proves that being the same is overrated. And the book has something for everyone. Zombies, for those who find them interesting. A love story for those romatics. Football for the sports crazed ones out there. It is literally the best book in my opinion.

Make sure you check out Generation Dead by Daniel Waters, it’s such an amazing work and hopefully you all love it as much as I do.

That’s all for now guys! Make sure to check me out on my social media sites and on Latinitas!! Twitters: @Hey_im_Dallas and @lifeofateenchik; Instagram: @Dallas_G98! 

Later lovelies!

-xox, dalg98


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