A Positive Message – From Cameron Dallas

A Positive Message – From Cameron Dallas

Okay I’m writing this at one in the morning so if it doesn’t make any sense at all I’m sorry. And this post will be really long but just read to the end because it will be worth it and I hope it helps you like Cameron’s video helped me.

So there’s this guy who is famous for these crazy 6 second videos on one little app called Vine. His name is Cameron Dallas. (I know, I find his name incredibly cool too.)
Normally at night when I can’t sleep I scroll through social media and watch random YouTube videos until either I fall asleep or it’s time to get moving for the day. So I’m laying in bed scrolling through Twitter when I see it. “@camerondallas: Here’s my new YouTube video! Give it a thumbs up if you liked it or it helped you in anyway: #APositiveMessage”. So because I enjoy watching his videos and I couldn’t sleep, I clicked on the link…holy crap.

Normally, Cam is this guy doing these crazy challenges or skits or whatever. Not this time. Not for this video. I knew it was going to be different as soon as I saw the title: A Positive Message | Opening Up. 

I watched the entire thing. I cried. I smiled. I laughed a little even. The whole video Cameron was completely serious and it was so different than his other videos that I just cannot stop thinking about it.

Everyone has times when they feel like the whole world is against them. Like, they can’t do anything right. Like they are all alone and have no one on their side. Speaking from experience, it sucks. And it sucks even more when you bottle it all up and pretend like you’re okay and the truth is…you’re not.

Cameron starts the video off by talking about this bracelet he has. It’s a simple band with the words “God has a plan” engraved. He goes on for a bit about how the guy who made his bracelet thought it was cool how a younger person got something so deep on it, he says that the guy mentioned usually a young person just gets their name or something simple. Not Cameron.

He then goes on to say how he woke up yesterday morning and he felt, different. He felt depressed and sad and all of these negative emotions. But he didn’t want it to get to him so he tried just shrugging it off and distracting himself from it. He says that he got ready to shower and got in the shower and it all just sort of exploded out. All the feelings he’s kept bottled up inside all came out and he just fell apart. He’s standing in the shower, bawling his eyes out, feeling alone and upset and depressed and stressed. Just crying. He has his palms covering his eyes and when he pulls them away he sees the bracelet. And those four simple words suddenly make so much sense. It’s no longer just a random engraved statement. It’s meaningful.

(This is about where I broke down myself) Cameron continues and yeah, he chokes up himself. He goes on to tell us that no matter how we feel, we aren’t alone. When we feel like there’s no one on our side there is. When it’s like everyone and everything is against us, they aren’t. God has a plan, and maybe sometimes it feels like there’s no one there for you, but there is. Even if something looks impossible, you can come out with a smile on your face.

So for everyone who says that those people on the other side of the computer screen can’t help….go watch this video. For everyone struggling with depression or anxiety, go watch this video. For everyone who feels alone in the world and like everyone else is against them, go watch this video. If you feel like nothing is going right in your life, or like you just want to give up, stay strong and everything will be okay.

God wouldn’t put problems in your life that you can’t overcome. He wouldn’t throw something at you that you can’t handle. He knows how strong you are and how strong you can be, that’s why He puts these obstacles in your way. Every time I listen to the Christian music station, this song called “Overcomer” by Mandisa always comes on. It always makes me stop and think about everything going on and how I can literally get through anything because I have God on my side. If you need help getting through something, check that song out.

To end this blog post, once again I am going to leave you with a scripture. “Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God: believe in also me.” John 14:1

That’s all for today guys! If you ever need to talk, know that I am here to listen! Make sure to check out my Twitter and Instagram!

-xox, dalg98

Cameron’s video: http://t.co/PLqSiQwrEI

My Twitter: @Hey_im_Dallas

Blog Twitter: @lifeofateenchik

My Instagram: @Dallas_G98


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