To My Grandma in the Sky

To My Grandma in the Sky

So I said I was going to write about the fiesta, but I already wrote about it on Latinitas and I feel like it’s been done. However, today is my Grandma Lupe’s birthday and I feel like I need to honor her in some way.

When she passed away 6 years ago, I felt like my world was falling apart. Like the floor had fallen from under me. Like nothing would ever be the same without her. Now I know that she would want us to be happy and not sad that she’s gone. I know that someday I will see her again and we will have a big fiesta once again. So for today I’m going to share this poem I wrote when we got that dreadful call. It’s the first time anyone will read it because I never wanted to share it. I hope you all like it!
My grandma, my hero, my favoritest one.

Her love lasts forever but her life is done.

My grandma was strong and my grandma was brave.

Love was one of the big things she gave.

Her heart was hurt, but we were with her all the way.

Now that she’s gone, different are the days.

I loved my grandma very much, 

And I know that my heart was one of the last things she touched.

I kow it’s okay to be sad, and it’s okay to cry.

Now I’m just glad I got to say good-bye.
So yeah, that’s it. Don’t judge me, I wrote it in like 5th grade and it’s been tucked away in a folder all these years. Like I said, sorry I didn’t write about the fiesta, but you can read about it on Latinitas if you want! This post was kind of hard to write because it’s kind of a sensitive topic. Not a day passes without me thinking of her and I wish more than ever that she was still here.

-xox, dalg98

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