Things to do During a Thunderstorm

Things to do During a Thunderstorm

Hey guys!! What’s up? Nothing? Oh okay….

The conversations I have with myself…….

Anyways I am back with another blog post!! So a couple of days ago, um Sunday night, we got some really bad weather here in my small hometown in Michigan. It started with just really strong winds and ended with thunderstorms and hail. I personally love thunderstorms. I didn’t when I was little but what little kid likes storms? Let’s be honest, when we were younger and there was a storm we all had one thought running through our mind: “Oh my god I’m gonna die!” (Don’t lie you know you thought it too!) Anyways, the storms got so bad at my house that our power went out which sucked….while the power was out I thought, “hm how can I turn this into a fun/interesting blog post?” And then it hit me. Here are some things you can do during a thunderstorm/power outage!! Wheeeee!!!

  1. Light candles – you gotta be able to see where you’re going so you don’t trip over something/can see in the bathroom
  2. Listen to music on your phone/iPad – that’s what I did. Just so you know Austin Mahone and Jake Miller are great to listen to when you’re bored and the power’s out
  3. Listen to the nonsense your siblings talk about – so when the storm first hit, my three younger siblings of course thought we were all gonna die. But once they calmed down they started talking about some random stuff. Then of course my little brother Elijah felt the need to act like a chicken with his head cut off…why not right? And we also had my cousin over and he’s full of random facts that no one really cares about
  4. Read a good book – I was gonna read….but then I didn’t…..I have a book I’m supposed to read for my AP English class that I haven’t finished yet and need to…..which reminds me…..if you ever get told to read The Scarlet Letter be prepared for hours of boredom
  5. Play with the candle wax, make a candle wax penguin like I did – yes I realize it isn’t the best thing to do, but it cured my boredom so whatever!
  6. Imagine things that you know will never happen – for me, I imagined ending up with my favorite celebrity…..and let me tell you that imagine was pretty cool
  7. Sleep – because what else can you do really?

Well guys that’s all I have for today!! I hope you liked this post and it entertained you in some way! I would also like to tell you that my summer is starting to get kinda crazy. I have cheer practice and senior pics coming up and have to do my summer reading. So don’t hate me if I don’t update everyday!!!!

– xox, dalg

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