Got Love? – MYE Faith Rally

Got Love? – MYE Faith Rally

In 2013, the very first MYE Faith rally was held at Saginaw Valley State University. Starting with some awesome keynote speakers and ending with a Matt Maher concert, Catholic youth from all churches part of the Catholic Diocese of Saginaw were pumped up when it was announced that MYE Faith would be coming back in 2015.

This past weekend I attended MYE Faith for the second time. My second time was just as amazing as my first. This year my younger brother got to go as well as long as some of the other students in my youth group and my close friends. There really are no words to describe my experience this year because MYE Faith was so incredibly amazing. My faith in God plays a big big role in my life as I mentioned in a previous blog post. Any chance I get to worship and praise Him I take and it’s even better when I’m surrounded by kids my age who feel the same way and believe the same way I do.

The day started by getting up pretty early to make it to my church and get on the bus that would take us to the university. Upon arriving, we got into the building and found our seats…second row from the front since I’m short. (Lol) There was live music by JAM or Jesus and Music which was really cool. They played songs that I hear all the time on Sirius XM – The Message. Thanks to my mom I knew a lot of the lyrics to the songs. Then the MET members did their introductions and got everyone pumped up and moving.

Our first BIG thing was The Cross and the Light Concert Experience. It was kind of like a musical and was probably my favorite part of the entire day. It told the story of Jesus and his life. I thought it was cool because the actors sort of modernized it but made sure it followed the actual story in the bible. Even though we didn’t see the entire play with the full stage and lights, the way we did get to see the play was still incredible. I definitely reccomend seeing this if you haven’t already.

Following the play we ate lunch and then headed to the breakout sessions offered. The first one me and my friends went to was called “What’s Love Got To Do WIth It? Finding the Heart of Jesus in the Sacrament of Reconciliation”. The guy who led the session’s name is Richard Budd and I really enjoyed the session. We talked about confession and why we go to confession. For anyone who doesn’t know what confession is, it’s when you go to talk to a priest and confess all of your sins so that you may be forgiven. Everything you say is just kept between you and the priest. Anyways, we talked about the reason(s) behind going to confession: ask for forgiveness, bring us closer to God, and restore what we had at our Baptism. We aslo talked about sin and grace, and why we can’t go straight to Jesus. The reson being Jesus set it up this way and so this is why we do it. We also talked about how we go about going to confession which was really cool. I plan on going soon for sure!!

Our next session was more of a service project. Along with the breakout sessions, there were also ServiceVille sessions. I attended the one titled “Modern Day Slavery” led by Sister Mary Ellen and Sister Margo. We talked about human trafficking and the two different types: Sex Trafficking and Labor Trafficking. It was definitely a tough topic to discuss but if you don’t talk about something, that doesn’t mean it’s going to go away. Human trafficking literally can happen anywhere which is really scary. As a part of our session we stuck these stickers with the Human Trafficking Helpline on little bars of soap like you would find in the hotel. We hoped that these little stickers would help save lives. This session really opened my eyes honestly. If you think about it, so many people, adults and children, are stuck in this position of slavery. How depressing is that?

Our final breakout session was “Bishop Roundtable” with our very own Bishop Cistone of Saginaw, Michigan. I liked this session as well. It was only for the youth, no adults allowed, and we got to just simply ask the burning questions we all had on our minds. While most of them were about same-sex marriage, it was still informative and the Bishop for sure cleared up some things on my mind. 

After the three breakout sessions it was time for dinner. (Woohoo food!) We ate in the cafeteria of SVSU. And after dinner we were back where we started. There was more music performed and the MET members did a cool skit that really spoke to me. We had Mass after that and let me just tell you, attending Mass with 900 other people is probably one of the coolest things in the world, at least for me it is. After Mass was the grand finale of the whole rally: the JJ Weeks Band concert. For anyone who doesn’t know, JJ Weeks Band is a Christian band most known for their song “Let Them See You”. I was lucky enough to be almost right up front fo the concert which made for some awesome pictures.

We finally headed home and of course while we all should be exhausted, we were hyper on the bus ride home. We played games and just talked about everything. My friend Audrey told me that it was really cool to be able to talk with some many people who are just as passionate about their faith as she is and I have to agree. I love sharing my faith with those who feel the same way because I know we have something in common.

In a few months I will be attending the National Catholic Youth Conference. It’s basically like MYE Faith but ten times bigger. Instead of people from all over Michigan, there are people from all over the country. MYE Faith has made me so excited for NCYC and the March For Life in January. The two events cannot get here any sooner!!!

Well guys, that’s all for today!!! I hope you enjoyed reading my review of MYE Faith 2015!! I’ll be back soon!!!!

-xox, dalg98

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The Cross and the Light
ServiceVille Project
Roundtable With the Bishop
Concert/Selfie Time
JJ Weeks Band Concert
Twinning w/ the Little Bro
Mary of the Immaculate Conception Parish


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