If I Had a Time Machine

If I Had a Time Machine

What’s up guys? Wow it’s been so long! Not really but long enough. 

So I’m just gonna get right into it, you know how when you look back at like old pictures or something and you’re like ‘oh my goodness what was I thinking?’ you honestly just want to go back in time? What if you actually could?! Like just imagine all of the things you could do.

For me, I would go back to my very first concert (Greg Raposo and Jojo) just to relive it. That would be awesome. But I’d want to be like, the age I am now so I could actually remember it more clearly. Wow how cool would it be though? LIke honestly?

I’d also make sure to go to concerts that I really want to go to now that I’m older. Such as Jesse McCartney (cutie) and the Jonas Brothers. Forever regretting not talking my parents into getting me tickets to see these people.

You know we all have those friendships from like elementary school that fell apart once we hit high school/middle school. I’d save those. If I were to still be friends with some people from a while ago it’d be awesome. Like honestly I was best friends with so many guys in like second grade and now I barely talk to any of them. I guess things just got hard once we got into middle school and the guys figured out girls don’t have cooties and the girls realized that some of the guys were cute.

I asked my little brother Emilio if he had a time machine what he’d do…you know what his answer was? “I’d go into a movie I had already saw and spoil the ending for everyone watching.” Yep, that’s my little brother.

I would also redo my Quinceanera because it was so much fun and I would love to do it all again. It’d be so cool!

My little sister Lala told me that she would go back to the Big Time Rush concert just to live it again because “it was so much fun and I love those boys!”

Elijah who is 5 said that he would go back to when his tablet wasn’t dead and play on it. As you can probably tell he’s a bit technology obsessed.
Now it’s your guys’ turn. If you could go back to any point in your life and change something or do something over, what would you do? Feel free to leave a comment and tell me!!!! That’s all for today guys!!

-xox, dalg98

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2 thoughts on “If I Had a Time Machine

  1. Hmmm, That’s really hard… If I could go back to ANY point in my life, it would probably be, wow this is really hard…. Probably the day of one of any of my tests I completely failed, and remember all the answers and get full marks! 🙂

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