The Life of an Older Sister

The Life of an Older Sister

What’s up guys! I am back once again with a new blog post!!!! Hooray!!! Today I am going to be talking about something very near and dear to my heart. Something that consumes my entire world. Something that I consider myself before anything else. Being an older sister. 

Being the oldest in my family and having three younger siblings pretty much runs my entire life. Sometimes being the oldest sucks. Other times it’s the best thing in the entire world. Don’t get me wrong I love being a big sister and knowing I always have someone to make me smile. It’s just, a lot of responsibility comes with being the oldest kid in the family.

For starters, everything mine is actually theirs. It doesn’t matter if it’s clothes or food or electronics. It seems like every time I have something at least one of my three siblings takes it from me. My little sister is only 8 and already steals my clothes.

Also, agreeing on something with my siblings is next to impossible. Sometimes it’s easier to just go with what they want even if it’s not what I want. What movie to see, what restaurant to go to, who’s right, who’s wrong. Pretty hard. On the rare days we actually agree on something it’s pretty momentous. My 13 year old brother always seems to disagree with me on everything.

Privacy is another thing. There’s no such thing as privacy with three younger siblings. Even though I have a lock on my door I never use it because as soon as I lock it, one of them is knocking asking to come in. Usually I just shut the door. But with a 5 year old running around it’s pretty hard. I could be doing something really important such as homework or blogging with the door shut and he comes in and jumps on my bed until I yell at him to get out.

But, on the other hand, being an older sister is awesome. When I first found out I was going to be a big sister it was probably the happiest day in my life. Four-year-old me was ecstatic to finally have someone else around. Then my little brother came and changed my world. My brother had some problems at birth and had to be in the NICU for a little while. I remember when he was first born and I first got to see him in the little incubator thing. Of course I was only four so I didn’t really understand what was going on. But when he finally came home it was great. My parents always tell us stories about how I took such good care of him when he was a baby and I was always looking out for him. When I found out I was going to have a little sister it was again one of the best days of my life. The closest thing I had to a sister was my cousins but now I’d finally have a sister. Someone I could dress up and do her hair and nails and talk about boys with. Now she’s eight and probably my best friend. As far as my youngest sibling goes, we got him when he was two. He’s technically my cousin but I consider him my little brother. He’s my little monster and even though he annoys me on a daily basis I couldn’t imagine my life without him.

Being the oldest has its perks as well. I get to boss my siblings around. I mean not that they listen to me all the time but still. I have three best friends that will be there for me when no one else is. I have three people to make me laugh with random things they say.

Going to college next year is going to be hard. Not only for me but for my brothers and sister as well. We just are so used to always having the other around. I share a room – and a bed – with my sister Lala and next year she’s going to have it all to herself. Even though my brother Emilio ticks me off and annoys me to the end of the world and back, not having him around is going to make my life pretty boring. And Elijah? Well who is going to tell me I’m his “lady” and talk to me about Angry Birds 24/7?

My siblings are literally my entire world. They cheer me up. They make me smile. They make me feel like I belong. They annoy me. They test my patience. They tick me off. They brighten my dark moods. They make me laugh when I don’t want to. I love them to the moon and back. Or to the “night night stars and back” as we said when we were all younger.

To Emilio: Mimi you tick me off and make me want to rip my hair out at times. You embarrass me in front of my friends. You talk in TV quotes more than normal language. You bug me and push me to my limits. But I love you. I love your random dances. When you come into my room just to say “remember that one episode of SpongeBob…”. When you talk to me about Austin Mahone like he really is my boyfriend. When we have deep conversations about why numbers are numbers at one in the morning. When you share your food with me. When we talk about God and go to church events together. When we watch old Disney movies together and die laughing at The Emperor’s New Groove. When we look at each other and just start laughing.

To Landry: Chica you are more than my sister, you’re my other half. You’re the Lola to my Charlie. You annoy me at times but I am glad I have you. I love your randomness. Your British accent. I love when we make YouTube videos. When we cuddle at night. When we watch YouTube. When we play “If I went to the moon”. When we go out somewhere and look for cute guys. When we die laughing at Nash and Dylan and Jack and Jack. When we do gymnastics together. When we dance together. I love your sassiness. I love your cuteness. I love when you tell me I’m “the best Charlie in the whole universe of Charlie’s”. I love when you tell me I look beautiful even if I’m in my pajamas. I love when you hug me and take care of me like I’m the little sister and you’re the big sister. I love those nights when we can’t stop laughing at ourselves.

To Elijah: You are a goof but you’re my goof. You make me smile and you make me mad. You annoy me but always come back and do something cute or funny and I forget about being annoyed. I love your craziness. I love when you tell me you want to snuggle with me. I love when you say that Austin Mahone is your brother-in-law even though you have no clue what that means. When we jam to music. When we watch videos on my iPad. When you wake me up by giving me kisses. When you tell me jokes. When you call me Chicken because it makes you laugh. When you make me play Plants vs. Zombies with you. When you give me random kisses and hugs. When you are always happy to see me. When I get mad at you but then you make me laugh at it’s impossible to stay mad.

To all of my siblings: I love you. I may not tell you every single day but I do. When I’m at school and something funny happens the first thing that comes to mind is “I can’t wait to get home and tell the kids about this”. When I watch SpongeBob and it’s the one where they get trapped in the well I immediately think of you guys. When we are all together and not fighting I wish I could capture that moment forever. You guys will always be the biggest part of my life. You should know that I will always be there for you no matter where I am. If I’m across the world don’t think I won’t jump on the first plane back to help you. If I’m married and have kids of my own, don’t think I’m not going to tell them stories of when we were growing up. I can’t imagine life without you three but I know it wouldn’t be as fun as it is with you guys.
That’s all for today guys!! Talk to you soon!!

-xox, dalg98

Twitter: @Hey_im_Dallas

Instagram: @Dallas_G98


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