It’s Not Thursday but I’m Gonna Throw it Back Anyways

It’s Not Thursday but I’m Gonna Throw it Back Anyways

Hey guys! You’ll never guess what I’m doing right now as I type this first paragraph……I’M IN COLLEGE!!!! Yup today is my first day in my English 116 class – News Writing. Oh goodness you wouldn’t believe what it took to get here. It definitely took way longer than necessary but it’ll all be worth it in the end!!

SO! Today I’m going to discuss something that we all know about. THROWBACKS!! Normally when you think throwback you think Thursday…but it’s Tuesday night and I’m going to write about it anyways so HA!

You know, I have a little sister who is 8 and we were watching YouTube the other day and Andrea Russett did this video called ‘Reliving My Childhood’ and half of the things she used in her video my sister had no clue about. I figure I should probably bring up some of the big things that I remember from my own childhood for this post! So let’s get started!

  • ‘Bratz’ dolls

Dude like for real these were like my entire life when I was little. I had so many outfits for them and literally was obsessed. If you didn’t have a Bratz doll you were not cool

  • ‘Rocket Power’

Like let’s be honest this was the best show ever. I still sometimes stay up and watch it when it comes on TeenNick late at night. I honestly used to want to learn how to surf/skateboard because of Reggie Rocket. She was my main girl back in the day! (And also I thought Twister was adorable)

  • Avril Lavigne’s First Music

Avril Lavigne was and actually still is one of my favorite female artists. I remember jamming to Sk8r Boi in my living room when I was younger and I still listen to her old music all the time. I can’t wait for her new music to come out.

  • Password Journals

Don’t lie if you had one it was the coolest thing and if you didn’t then you wanted one. I had one and would always write in it about boys and school. Lol it’s probably a good thing that the thing got lost….

  • These squishy things with fish in them

I have not one clue what these things were called but I know that they were cool and gave me hours of entertainment. Now kids get entertainment from technology and stuff.

  • Lite-Brites

O.M.G. I forgot about these! This thing made my blanket forts the coolest thing ever. You were not cool until you had a Lite-Brite.

  • ‘Maggie and the Ferocious Beast’

Ah the memories….I loved this show. I used to die of laughter at this show. This was MY show.
Well guys that’s all for today! I hope you liked this post! And before you say anything yes I know it is now September and I didn’t post a book recommendation for August. I’m sorry alright? I was just so busy last month that I couldn’t fit it in! But I should be posting my September one in the next day or two!!! So keep an eye out for it!

Comment one of your favorite things from the 90s/early 2000s! Let’s face it that was an awesome time! Until next time lovelies!

-xox, dalg98

Twitter: @Hey_im_Dallas

Instagram: @Dallas_G98 


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