My ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Dream

My ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Dream

Hey everyone!!! I’m back with another blog post!!

So a few weeks ago one of my favorite shows started back up….Dancing With the Stars. This is one of the many ways my mom and I bond is over this show. I can’t remember exactly what season got us hooked, but I know we’ve been watching it for a while.

So every time I watch this show I’ll be like ‘Mom…when I’m rich and famous I’m going to be on this,’ and she just kind of laughs it off and is like ‘Okay as long as you get me front row tickets,’ and then we get into who we would dance with, what style of dance we would do, what song we would dance to, just imagining if we actually were on the show.

Ever since I started watching DWTS I’m not going to lie, I’ve wanted to be on it.

I would want to dance with either Derek Hough or Mark Ballas because they are my fave pros. Plus I love how they dance and them in general. (And also I have a giant crush on Derek Hough) The style of dance I would do would be probably jazz or contemporary because I have experience with both of them. However if I could dance hip-hop it’d be even better because not to brag but I think I’m a pretty good hip-hop dancer.

If I danced contemporary the song I’d choose is All I Ever Need by Austin Mahone or A Little Too Much by Shawn Mendes. If I danced jazz I’m not exactly sure what song I’d choose…maybe Cheerleader by Omi? And if I danced hip-hop I’d pick either Yellow Lights by Jake Miller or Rompe by Daddy Yankee.

Would it be awesomely amazing if I got the chance to dance on Dancing With the Stars? Heck yeah. I would totally jump at that opportunity. Because it would be the opportunity of a lifetime. However, will I get the chance to dance on TV? Eh probably not. At least not any time soon.

Well guys, that’s all for today!!!! Hopefully you enjoyed this totally random blog post that literally came out of no where. Share it with your friends and introduce them to Life of a Teen Chick!!!!

-xox, dalg98

Twitter: @Hey_im_Dallas

Instagram: @Dallas_G98


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