Girls: A confusing group of people

Girls: A confusing group of people

Hey guys!!! Welcome welcome welcome. If this is your first time, nice to meet you I’m Dallas. If you’re a returning reader, welcome back nice to have you again.

Okay so the thing I hear most when guys are asked what they think about girls is “they’re confusing”. This cannot be more true. Yes I am a girl. And I still agree with this. Girls are so confusing that I get confused by them.

It confuses me when girls go to the bathroom in packs. I mean yeah, I do this too, but when I start thinking about it I just don’t see the point. Like literally whether we are at school or at a restaurant, if one of us has to pee, we all have to pee. Even if we don’t actually have to pee. I just don’t understand it. I will tell you that nothing interesting happens when we go to the bathroom together. Nothing. Other than basic bathroom business. Oh and another thing, I don’t know if this is a big thing or just something that happens at my high school, girls turning the sink on when they pee. Like okay girls, we all know what going to the bathroom sounds like, you’re not fooling anyone by turning the sink on. I don’t get it. I mean I used to do this too, but then I realized there really was no point behind it…

Another thing, why do girls compliment people if they don’t mean it? Like you’re not doing any good, just keep your mouth shut if you could care less. If you don’t mean it then what’s the point? While on the topic of compliments, what about girls who are always fishing for compliments? Like for real do you really need to be told how good you look? Can’t you just be happy for yourself instead of always needing someone to tell you? Oh goodness, speaking of, what about when girls criticize themselves constantly? Um okay…and then get mad if someone doesn’t know if they should agree or not. Don’t freaking say anything bad about yourself because you’re only giving others permission to say something bad about you.

Okay, now, as far as relationships go. For one, when girls freaking retweet anything on Twitter that includes #RelationshipGoals. Congrats. Thanks for blowing up my Twitter feed with all of that. Also, those girls who think they need a guy to be happy. No you really don’t. You can be perfectly happy without a guy in your life. Look at me! I’m pretty happy and I don’t have a boyfriend! Oh and the fact that girls seem to always choose the jerk guys when there are some really nice guys out in the world if you look hard enough. And constantly complaining about being single. Ugh that is the worst. Like I don’t understand it at all. Complaining every once in a while is okay, but complaining every two seconds whether in person or on social media. I don’t think these girls realize just how annoying they really are. OH! And when they do have a boyfriend, complaining that they have a boyfriend. There are plenty of girls in my school who do this. They complain that their boyfriend is a jerk or he didn’t talk to them because he was going to class or he didn’t want to be late to sports practice so he left quickly and maybe didn’t have time to give her a hug or something. I don’t know. Girl, you should be lucky he’s even with you because if I was a guy and all my girlfriend did was complain about me it would not last. Girls take perfectly good relationships for granted when they do this, they don’t realize that their boyfriend does not have to be with them. No where does it say a guy HAS to be with a girl. Oh, girls in my school also are constantly complaining about their ex boyfriends. Like just let it go girl. He’s not your problem anymore! Okay, if the ex is talking crap about the girl and she says something, then I get it. But if a different girl casually brings up someone else’s ex and the other girl just starts ranting on and on, with no reason to, then what is even the point?! Ugh. I just don’t get it. Isn’t he your ex for a reason? Doesn’t that mean that he is no longer in your life? Why are you still complaining about him?

Some other things that confuse me about girls, why do some girls act dumb for attention? I thought guys thought smart girls were better than dumb ones? At least that’s what some of the guys on YouTube say. I don’t know, maybe there are guys out there who think a dumb girl is sexier than a smart one. And why are some girls crazily obsessed with Victoria’s Secret. I do not understand it, SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN!!!! And also, why do some girls feel the need to brag about things that shouldn’t be bragged about? I don’t care if you’re on birth control or not. I don’t care how far you’ve gone with a guy. Ew, my ears do not need to hear that kind of stuff. 

Also, why do girls get jealous so easily? I’ll be honest, I do get jealous about little things like clothes and shoes and grades even. I get jealous when a girl is dating a guy I like even though I was never dating the guy and he didn’t even know I liked him. Especially when I know the girl’s relationship reputation. But why? Why can’t I be happy this guy is happy? Why can’t we just be happy for the other person? Why can’t I be happy someone succeeded in something and did a good job? I don’t know why.

Another thing, why do we always say we’re okay when we clearly aren’t? I do this all the time. “Dallas are you okay?” “Yeah I’m fine.” No I’m not. Don’t believe me. Like why can’t we just tell that peosn who asked, no I’m really not okay? We have to make things so hard for ourselves. It’d be much easier if we just told someone what was wrong instead of pretending we were fine. 

And when we go overboard for a school dance. Why? I don’t understand it either. Like we literally spend hundreds of dollars on a dress that we will wear for like three hours. And shoes too! What is the point in getting ten inch heels if you’re going to take them off as soon as you hit the dance floor?! Just buy comfortable shoes how hard is that?! Oh and like for homecoming, why do we have to go somewhere fancy to eat? Why does it matter where we go to get food? I’d be happy anywhere as long as I get food. And why do some girls feel the need to post a gazillion pictures after a dance? Maybe one or two but don’t post every single picture you took that night! Come on girls what are you doing?!

And finally, what may be the biggest thing that confuses me about girls….WHY DO YOU FEEL THE NEED TO FLIRT WITH NUMEROUS GUYS ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE BOYFRIEND?!? I will never understand this. You already have a boyfriend who probably adores you and you still feel the need to flirt with other guys?! WHAT?!?!

Okay, I need to stop. Before my head explodes. That’s all for today guys. Like and leave a comment for me,what about girls confuses you?

-xox, dalg98

Twitter: @Hey_im_Dallas

Instagram: @Dallas_G98


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