It’s there for me when nothing else is. When no one gets what I’m feeling. When it seems like the world is against me I can simply plug in my headphones and get lost in the sounds of guitars and pianos and all the other instruments. When I don’t feel like talking (which is a lot) my music speaks for me.

There’s a song for every emotion that I feel. Ghost by Jake Miller when I feel alone. Say Something by Austin Mahone when I need a boost of confidence. Jesse McCartney when I’m in a good mood and Avril Lavigne when I’m in a bad one.

Music is the only way I feel that I can get my point across. It’s the way I can show what I’m really feeling without having to talk about it. It’s the way I can feel more alive than just talking and going through life like a normal person.

Music is there for me when no one else can be. When I feel alone. When I feel sad. When I want to give up. When I feel happy. When I feel like I’m flying. When I feel like nothing is going right. When I’m crushing on a guy or getting ready for a cheer competition. When I’m alone in my bedroom. When I’m awake at four in the morning when the rest of the world is asleep. When I’m in the car or outside or sitting in class.

Even if I don’t have my headphones in, you can bet that some song is running through my brain. I have a different song stuck in my head all the time. Whether it’s a sappy love song by Taylor Swift or a inspirational rap by Jake Miller, there is always some lyrics stuck up there. 

Usually I end up transferring them to paper. Sometimes I don’t even realize it until the margins in my notebooks are completely filled with words. When I’m taking notes or waiting for class to end after finishing a worksheet my pen is always moving.

Music was there for me when no one else was. When my grandma died. When I felt alone in middle school. When I hurt my arm. When I got surgery. Through all these hard times, there was always music. I could count on the different songs to keep my mind off the bad things and help me focus on the good.

Forgive me if you ever try to talk to me when I have my headphones in. I won’t be paying attention to my surroundings, I’ll be too immersed in the music. Sorry if I’ve ever been too into what’s playing to pay attention to what you’ve said and I’ve asked you to repeat yourself. Sorry if you don’t get what music does for me.

Okay guys, that was a really random blog post, but I just felt like writing and once my fingers started flying across the keys I couldn’t stop! That’s all for today! Until we meet again!

-xox, dalg98

Twitter: @Hey_im_Dallas

Instagram: @Dallas_G98


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