Confused by High School Boys

Confused by High School Boys

Hey guys! So a while ago I posted about how girls are confusing (Click here to see that one). But, you know, guys are just as confusing. There are some things that high school boys I know do that I do not understand at all. Like for real. Guys, what are you even doing?

Okay, to start out, let’s just talk about dating for a second. First of all, why do the girls always have to make the first move? Guys you might be thinking why do guys have to make the first move, but SOMEONE NEEDS TO MAKE THE FIRST MOVE. Honestly though, in my school it literally seems like if a guy likes a girl, he won’t do anything until that girl tells him she likes him too. It can never be the guy going up to the girl and being like “hey I really like you,” or “hey you’re pretty” or “hey wanna hang out sometime?” no. Never ever. It. Is. Always. The. Girl. Oh, cute boy you like a girl? But you’re not going to make the first move, no, you’re going to wait until she says something. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just from what I see in school, maybe there are guys that I know that actually decide ‘hey I like that pretty girl and I’m going to tell her’, maybe it’s just the same few that I see that don’t man up and speak up. And another thing when it comes to dating, why do guys always go for the dumb girls? Why can’t they like smart girls? Is it an ego thing? Do guys not want the girl they are dating to be smarter than them? I don’t get it. Like I said in one of my other posts, I see on social media all the time how girls are like 100 times hotter when they are smart. But then I go to school and see all the guys dating dumb or ditzy girls. Come on guys! Oh, and how come when guys are dating a girl (but don’t like, make it super obvious until like two weeks into the relationship) they lead on other girls?! How can you do that? Aren’t you supposed to be, like, really happy with the girl you chose to go out with? The girl who probably thinks you’re the most amazing guy in the whole universe, the girl who you chose to spend time with and who’s heart you have. Why would you lead on another girl to make her think that you like her (as in more than a friend) when you HAVE A GIRLFRIEND?

Okay, moving on from the dating points. For the past two days I’ve been in the school’s weight room with one of my best friends, Bre. I never realized how many guys go in there and what actually goes on – other than weightlifting. A lot of the guys who “work out” actually just mess around and talk to each other the whole time or just pretend to actually work out. Another thing, they look at themselves when they work out in the mirrors. Okay, yeah, I watch myself in the mirror when I’m dancing but I hate watching myself actually work out. I make some weird faces that make me embarrass myself. But I guess guys don’t feel the same way. A lot of them will like, push their way to the front so they can see their reflection in the mirror. Oh, and by the way guys, is it really necessary to watch how your muscles look when they flex instead of you know, working on them? Kian Lawely made a video called “How To Know If You’re A Tool” (Click here for that video) and he talked about this too. I don’t understand it but that might just be me. It might be like this secret guy thing that I just don’t get because I’m a girl.

AND ANOTHER THING, guys, why do you expect girls to look like Victoria’s Secret models if you don’t look like Calvin Klein modles? You can’t expect every girl to be a size zero and just have this amazing body becaue you will be sadly wrong and disappointed. Plus, in my opinion, guys should go for girls with brains and a personality over looks.

Oh, and don’t even get me started about how much guys show off. Especially high school boys. Not everyone you meet wants to hear about your truck. Not everyone you meet wants to hear about that insane party that you went to over the weekend but can’t remember any part of it. If someone does want to hear about that stuff, good for you. Go ahead. Brag all you want. But to be honest, I don’t want to hear about all the girls you’ve been with or the college party you went to last weekend or how cool your car is. And I especially do not want to hear about it in the middle of class when I’m trying to learn. Thanks man.

Alright. I need to stop. There are probably a bunch more things I could add in but I’m just going to stop there.

Wow, this is what I do on Halloween. I’m such a nerd. All I do is write. No parties. No Trick-or-Treating. Just me and my blog! So that’s all for today guys! I hope you liked this post and that I didn’t offend anyone too much. Girls, comment some things  that guys to do that get on your nerves. Guys, let’s hear what you think about the things mentioned. Until next time!

-xox, dalg98



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