Ways to cheer up

Ways to cheer up

*Adele voice* Hello…it’s me. Oh god that stupid song is stuck in my head and I don’t even like it!What’s up guys and girls, ladies and gents! I am back again with a new post for your – what day is it? – Tuesday night! I have been in a really good mood these past few days and I thought I’d spread the cheer. Maybe I’ve been in a good mood because…..um I don’t know, there really isn’t a reason…ANYWAYS! Today I’m gonna give you all some ways to cheer up. Christian Collins, otherwise known as WeeklyChris, did a video a while back called 7 Ways to Cheer Up and it gave me the idea for this post! So here we go!

  • Listen to music – you’re favorite song is almost a guaranteed way to make you smile. For example, the other day I was having a horrible day but then BAM! Dirty Work by Austin Mahone came on and I instantly started smiling. You can also have a mini-dance party or sing along. (Even if you’re like me and have a horrible singing voice)
  • Watch YouTube videos – especially like those fail vine compilations, they are a great way to assure you that no matter how bad things get, at least it’s not as bad as those people online. Or you could watch videos of cute guys (ya know, the blog says Life of a Teen CHICK…you can’t expect a girl not to write about boys) because they always are a great way to smile. Or videos with cute animals. Or videos with cute guys AND cute animals. Ya know, whatever makes you smile!
  • Talk it out – sometimes to get rid of a bad mood all you have to do is talk to someone. Talk to a friend, or your mom, or your best friend, or your cousins, or your crush….or your best friend about your crush…or your crush about your best friend…well, that last one might be kind of weird, but you get the idea.
  • Exercise – ah yes, the wonderful E word, or horrible. But exercising is actually a really good idea. Go for a run, lift some weights, hit a punching bag, anything! When I’m ticked off or upset, I find that dancing is a great way to clear my head and so is lifting weights or doing some cardio.
  • Be productive – don’t let a good mood ruin your entire day. Take your mind off the negative feelings by organizing your closet, cleaning your room, or even doing homework. Sometimes taking your mind off the bad allows you to let it go and move on.
  • Finally, just laugh. Laughter is the best medicine and relieves a lot of stress as well. Even if you think that your laugh sound dumb, still laugh. Even if you think that it won’t help anything, still do it!

Alright guys, I hope that these things help you cheer up so we can be cheered up together! I also hope you have a wonderful day and week and month and year and life! Peace out homies!

-xox, dalg98


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