Reasons to Give Thanks for….

Reasons to Give Thanks for….

So in my college class we are doing this thing where we write a humor/opinion column and the topic is ‘Top 5 Reasons to Give Thanks for…’ and then we have to come up with a topic and explain our 5 reasons. For my class I wrote about being the oldest, but I also thought of some other ones that I could quite possibly use for something else, thus, this blog post is born.

  • Top 5 Reasons to Give Thanks for the Internet

5. This blog post wouldn’t exist without it – and that would suck because I think this is one of my best posts. JUST SAYIN’!
4. How else am I supposed to keep up with who celebrities are dating? – I mean, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are a thing and I only know that because of Twitter…

3. Cute boys on YouTube – because we all need a cute boy in our life…even if he doesn’t know we exist.

2. I feel more popular than I really am with 282 followers on Twitter – in real life I have like 4 people I consider my friends.

1. There’s information on everything – which is good because what if one day I need to know about odontophobia (fear of teeth)?

  • Top 5 Reasons to Give Thanks for Headphones

5. I don’t have to talk to that one weird kid at school – there’s always one (however at my school there are probably more)

4. I can ignore people without being super rude – what? I can’t hear you with my headphones in…sorry!

3. I can listen to the many kinds of music on my phone without being judged – I listen to some weird music….just saying…

2. No one knows if I’m listening to hardcore rap or soft classical music – is Austin Mahone playing or Lil Wayne? Is it High School Musical or screamo? They’ll never know.

1. People have a physical clue not to talk to me…not that it will matter to some – there’s always someone who continues to talk to me even if my headphones are in and I have to continue to take them out and put them back in…CAN YOU NOT TAKE A HINT?!

  • Top 5 Reasons to Give Thanks for Austin Mahone

5. He’s a beautiful human being – he’s more than that….he’s gorgeous.

4. He wrapped his Range Rover pink for breast cancer awareness – if that’s not a great reason than I don’t know what is….

3. He releases music on Soundcloud for free – no money on your iTunes account but Austin has a banger out? No problem, just check it out on Soundcloud!

2. He cares about his Mahomies – heard of U Girl? He brings a girl up onstage during his concerts and sings to them. And hugs them. And if you’re really lucky you’ll get a kiss on the cheek too! Oh how I’d love to be the U Girl…*sigh* someday.

1. HIS EYES – that’s it. His eyes are beautiful and I love them.

  • Top 5 Reasons to Give Thanks for YouTube

5. Corey Scherer – have you seen this guy? I mean he’s kinda immature but still gorgeous!

4. Joe Santagato – if you need a laugh, Joe is your guy!

3. Mahogany Lox – NEW MUSIC ALERT! Don’t worry she’ll be mentioned more in the next installment of YouTube Suggestions!

2. Those fail vine compilations that make me feel better about myself – when you’re having a bad day just watch these. Be happy that your life isn’t as bad as that guy’s!

1. A great way to discover new artists that no one else has heard of – half of the music I listen to I’ve found because of YouTube…I probably wouldn’t be a Mahomie without it.

  • Top 5 Reasons to Give Thanks for Life of a Teen Chick

5. No judge zone – you can say anything you want and I promise, no matter how idiotic you sound, I won’t judge you. I might laugh at you, but I won’t judge.

4. Some of my posts are funny – because I speak, well write, sarcastically more than seriously and sometimes I can be hilarious!

3. I’m always here to talk if you need me – not even joking. I have no life and basically live on the internet. I’m always here if you need to talk!

2. I’ll tell you all the things that you might not hear on a daily basis – like if you’re single like me, you don’t get that good morning/night text…so…GOOD MORNING/AFTERNOON/NIGHT AND I HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!

1. It’s a place to go when you’re home by myself on a Friday night….like I am most weeks – if your friends cancel the plans you made weeks ago or your family leaves without telling you, you can come here and I’ll probably be here too!
So guys, that’s it! I figured since it’s November and Thanksgiving is right around the corner, this was a pretty good post to post. I will probably be doing another Thanksgiving related post either the night before Thanksgiving or the night after, but my aunt, uncle and cousins are coming in from Florida next Wednesday so I’m not sure if I’ll have time. If I don’t talk to you again before Thursday, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and eat lots of turkey and mashed potatoes because that’s what I’ll be doing! And good luck to all of you Black Friday shoppers out there, I hope you get everything you need! 

-xox, dalg98

P.S. – Cowboys fans, hopefully our boys get that win! I believe Tony Romo is supposed to be back so hopefully we’ll do better than we’ve been doing….fingers crossed!


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