Things Athletes Talk About

Things Athletes Talk About

Hey guys! I’m back!!! I’ve been so busy this year it’s insane. Like normally I feel like nothing is going on in my life but not this year. I’m finally taking driver’s training and that takes up a lot of my time. Plus cheer practice because it’s competitive season. And with school and Christmas coming up. Ugh. But I’ve made time to blog and that’s all that counts!!!!

So I recently was at a friend’s basketball game and afterward went out for pizza with the team. It was a bunch of guys….and then me. But I got to hear some very, well interesting I guess is the right word to use, conversations. I was going to write about what basketball players talk about off the court, but then I thought ‘hey, let’s talk about all athletes, not just the basketball players!’ so here we are.

What do basketball players talk about? Well, basketball, video games, stats, more basket ball, and OH! more basketball. For real. I guess basketball players really do eat, sleep, play ball, and repeat.

How about cheerleaders? I’m a cheerleader so I feel like this one will be easy. Let’s see, what do we talk about? Um, boys, stunts, cheers, boys again, drama, other girls (horrible I know), NOT FOOTBALL, boys, clothes, life…um yeah I think that’s it.

Onto football players. It seems like over half of our school is football players, so it’s not hard to hear what these boys are talking about. Girls, pro-football, college football, high school football, basketball, baseball, pro-athletes, girls, and can’t forget sports. Yeah, it seems to me like for most football players, their lives revolve around sports.

My brother’s a swimmer and he’ll never let me live it down if I don’t mention what swimmers talk about outside the pool. So if you’re wondering, swimmers talk about the worst case scenarios during a swim meet. Their goggles leaking, their swim suits falling off, hitting their head on the wall while backstroking, every bad thing that could happen they talk about. At least my brother does. He also mentioned talking about beating times and improving strokes.
So guys, that’s what athletes talk about. I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you haven’t yet you should go check out my Facebook page Here and like it to be updated when I post again. Well, that’s all for now! TTYL lovelies!

-xox, dalg98


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