The Real Struggle of Being Short

The Real Struggle of Being Short

As a 5’1 girl, I speak the truth when I say that being short sucks. Tall people take life for granted, but think of all the things I deal with as a shorty.

  1. Being an armrest = it isn’t as fun as you may think. In fact I get kind of annoyed when people use me for an armrest. Just stop.
  2. No one believes I’m actually 17 years old – no I do not want to sit at the kids table. 
  3. Tippy toes….still too short – I could be on my tippy toes and still not be able to see around someone.
  4. Having to adjust my seat every time I drive – my parents aren’t that much taller than me but I still have to move the seat way up when I drive.
  5. Shopping is the biggest deal – I literally have to shop at Children’s Place or in the kids section. At least for pants. Sometimes I can get away with getting tops and dresses in the junior section.
  6. I can’t see my reflection in some mirrors – how am I supposed to see if I have food in my braces?
  7. “Why are you so short?” – bro it’s not like I asked to be this short. I didn’t choose the short girl life, the short girl life chose me.
  8. Sun visors don’t do anything – which might be part of the reason I have to wear contacts/glasses.
  9. “Can you reach it?” or “Can you see it?” – shut up.
  10. If I get stuck sitting behind a tall person in class I have to move around until I can see – you would think teachers would know to put me in the front of the room….
  11. “I can’t reach it.” – story of my life.
  12. There are 3rd graders that are taller than me – my sister will have friends over and a lot of them are taller than me. And they’re just kids so I feel like I can’t get mad when they point it out.
  13. Short jeans are still too long – there’s really no way to win this battle.
  14. My feet don’t touch the floor when I’m sitting – like right now, they don’t touch and I feel like I’m four years old.
  15. “You’re so cute and tiny Dallas!” – I’m older than you……
  16. Top shelves are my worst enemy – ‘nuff said.

Uh yeah, being short definitely sucks. There might be one or two good things about being short, but not enough to write an entire blog post about them.

Anyways, I hope you liked this post! And I’m also pretty proud of myself considering I’ve blogged two days in a row! But, I’ll talk to you guys later, I’m exhausted!!

-xox, dalg98


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