A Letter to my Chicas

A Letter to my Chicas

Bre, Rachel, Shelby, Miranda, Kelsea, this one’s for you.
Dear Fantastic Five,

I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for these last wonderful years of school with you all. Thank you for the tears and the laughs. The smiles and the memories. Thank you for everything you’ve ever done for me.

It’s impossible for me to write this without dissolving into a puddle of tears as I can imagine you all will be after reading this (because let’s face it we’re a bunch of crybabies). So I’m going to start with a memory. I remember when the person I call my best friend moved to another school. I remember wondering where the heck I was going to fit in and how I was going to survive middle school and high school without her. I thought it was the end of the world – I was a middle schooler what do you expect? – but it wasn’t. I found my place amongst you guys and made it this far. And we’re still going strong!

For three of you, we’ve been friends throughout middle school. We’ve shared cheer and crushes and classes for like six years now. We got each other through both difficult and fun times. We’ve been each other’s source of strength and support for so long it’s a wonder we can survive without each other. We didn’t really start talking until seventh grade cheer. That’s when I for sure knew that I’d become close to you, the people I consider my best friends. You three have caught me, literally and figuratively, every time I’ve fallen. You’ve pushed me to reach my dreams and you’ve been my wing-women for forever it seems like. You were there through countless crushes and boy drama. You were there when I like that one kid – I don’t even have to say his name because you all know who I’m talking about – to try and get us to date even though our efforts didn’t do anything. You gave me skills for cheer that I couldn’t have reached without you – our stunts are amazing and no one will argue that. You guys are truly the best.

For the other two, I didn’t meet you until later on. But I believe that God put you in my life for a reason and I’m glad that he did because you guys have helped me through so much. We’ve spent nights together, we’ve had classes together, we talk crap about the same people. You two may have entered my life later than the others, but I couldn’t imagine living without you. From cheering to school dances to just hanging out, you guys are always able to make me feel better and I know that I can come to you whether I need to smile or have someone tell me like it is. You two were there for me to talk to when I needed someone to listen and to come to when I needed someone to beat up some jerk – even though I cannot picture any of us getting in a serious fight. You guys can make me laugh like no other and I couldn’t be more grateful for you.

Remember when we were younger and the big thing on Facebook was ‘Like for a truth is and remember when!’? Okay, I’m going to do that for each of you so bear with me.

Kelsea – truth is, we’ve been friends since kindergarten. You’ve been by my side (literally) every day since school started. We sort of kind of drifted apart once I started being friends with Emily, but got close again and now we’re practically family. Yeah we argue and fight and get mad at each other over stupid little things. But you’re always there to listen to me rant and complain, and you never judge me. You’re there through my good moods and my bad moods (and let’s face it I can be a jerk sometimes). You were there through each and every crush on a boy that I had – and there were a lot – and never judged me for liking a guy that was way out of my league. You know every detail about me – from my horrible morning moods (okay everyone might know about that one) to my favorite singer. You’re actually more than my friend, you’re pretty much my sister. Okay, remember when….oh god there are so many good ones so I’m going to name a few: Spanish class 8th grade year, Spanish class freshman year, convincing H that I was bitten by a shark, convincing Hunter that you were from the Texas-y part of Texas, picking on J on the bus, when you told me J liked me in like 3rd grade and he got mad at you and now doesn’t tell you who he likes, when we went and saw Insurgent and you hadn’t even saw Divergent so you didn’t know what was going on, when we went to Subway before homecoming because we didn’t need some fancy restaurant, we just wanted food, when I slow danced with M freshman year at homecoming and completely flipped out because I was so happy, and when you fell into the wave pool at Michigan’s Adventure. Oh and Steve, we can’t forget about Steve.

To Miranda – truth is, you plan on marrying Emilio and becoming my sister-in-law. Lol, but for real, you can make me laugh any day of the year, whether I’m in my room thinking of memories we’ve shared or in class and you are being a dork. You support me both in stunting and in life and I know that you’ll always have my back. You (attempted to) help me get with that one kid that I liked freshman year (remember math class?) even though it never worked out and I’m pretty sure we ended up annoying him more that succeeding. You were amazed by my ‘robot arm’ even though I hated it – it’s still in my room btw if you still want it – and made me laugh even when I wanted to cry. Moving on to the next part, remember when, (again there are too many good memories to choose just one so here are some that I still laugh at) we did mock rock in middle school and even though we didn’t win we still had fun, we made that dance for basketball halftimes, we would always be out practicing our mock rock routine in the hallway during advisory and M would walk by with that stupid rake and was convinced he was part of our routine, (currently laughing out loud in the careers center and I probably look insane) when you came to my Quince meetings and would always try to hug Emilio because he hated it, when we would annoy the crap out of M at float building, “Want some napkins? They taste good!”, when you and M would argue in math class like brother and sister, your dinosaur dance, at cheer camp when you did the thing with the sweatshirt and our moms thought there was something seriously wrong with you, when I had to help you put your shoes on before prom because your dress was so poofy, when I came over to work on some dance with you and we ended up watching videos on how to twerk on YouTube, cheer competitions, rides to and from football games, the list goes on…

To Shelby – truth is I’m just going to say it, you are the best cheerleader/student/athlete/person/friend someone could ask for. I know I can always count on you to listen to me and be there when I need you. You’re there to catch me both in cheer and in life and I couldn’t ask for anyone better. You are the one that I know I can call when I need something and you’ll do everything in your power to help me. You’re the one I know I can talk to about boys and drama and girl things because you just get it. You get me. You’re truly an amazing person and please don’t let anyone tell you different. Remember when on the way home from that one cheer competition we stopped for slurpees and you had that cone on your head and the people at the gas station probably thought you were crazy, Bre and I spent the night at your house and we probably didn’t get any sleep because we’re girls and just talked and laughed the entire night, when I helped you with 8th grade cheer, when we went swimming at Delta that one time, when you would always try to help me get a guy to like me even though it didn’t work, float building, cheer camps, mock rock, M with the rake, when our 8th grade class trip was to Kokamos and we sat by each other on the bus, when we’d always do stuff in the library for the book fair, when we discovered Jake Miller and fell in love with him – someday we will go see him in concert! – because he’s gorgeous and who wouldn’t? All of our movie nights, making paper airplanes with Hunter, Zach, and Devin, always going to the career center during English to use the computers because we didn’t want to use the lab ones, when Dakota was in the careers center and we all thought he was cute – now I think he’s just an idiot and I don’t even talk to him. And the other day at lunch, all the jokes you made about N that were mean but hilarious. There are so many more I honestly could probably do an entire blog post just about our good memories.

To Rachel – truth is, girl you are so incredibly amazing. You’re quiet, like me, but always have something to say. You’re funny without meaning to be and sassy when you want to be. You are such an amazing person/friend and I honestly don’t know how any of us survived without you before 9th grade. You are always there to listen to me and make me feel like I belong. You make me laugh with the things you have to say. You were there through thick and thin and I now consider you pretty much a sister. Remember when, we were in WalMart and saw that guy in a chicken costume, when we had biology together and become amazed by people’s stupidity, when Bre and I spent the night at your house and made Ramen noodles at like midnight, when you had that birthday party and we pretty much played Just Dance the whole time, your incredible robot dance at homecoming this year, cheer camp, rides to and from football games, our moms when bar hopping with coach (omg), and all the times in between that I may have missed.

To Bre – truth is…oh where do I begin. There is absolutely no way I’m not going to get emotional while writing this. Truth is, when you came to St. Charles our 8th grade year I was honestly jealous that you were dating C because I liked him too and this random chick came in and stole him away from me. I’m not even joking. But then we became friends in Ms. Gilroy’s class, you, me, and Amy. I was happy that there was someone who understood the struggles of being a shorty because for a while I felt like I was the only one at this height. Then we got into 9th grade and we got even closer, 10th grade and there were some rough spots but we got through them, 11th and we were inseparable, and now senior year and I want to cry because I’m not sure I’m ready to give it up. Our moms are pretty much best friends and find joy in embarrassing us – even though we know they love us to the end of the world and back – by chaperoning homecoming together. I’m pretty sure actually, that our moms talk to each other more than they talk to us…(mom and Tiff if you’re reading this we love you anyways) Our brothers are friends too even though I’m sure Emilio annoys you as much as he annoys me. And then there’s Jake and Elijah, Double Trouble. Oh and our dads because my dad always looks lost if he’s at a school thing and Garrett isn’t there with him. Anyways, you’ve been there for me through so much and I am so happy that we became friends. From flying together freshman year to you basing me this year, we’ve improved our skills so much and I just want to take the time to tell you how proud I am of you. That you gave up flying so I could, that you worked hard so we could stunt at games, that even though you don’t get to be at the top, you still are there to lift me up. I know that I’ll always be able to count on you and that you’ll always only be a phone call away. Okay, before I ruin my makeup anymore with tears, let’s move onto some funny memories: remember when, we went to Michigan’s Adventure, we met the old people in McDonald’s parking lot, we met up with C at Michigan’s Adventure and made Emily ride the Tilt-a-Whirl with him, when we went to that random concert with my dad, my quince, when I would push you into Jordan in the hall – now look you guys are dating, clearly I did something right – after art class, art class, when you called me cripple, working out in the weight room when we had no clue what to do so all we did was squats and people watch, your ride-alongs with my dad, bonfires, when us and our moms went to Harvey’s and shopping, when you rolled your hair up in the window (twice), health class, gym class, annnnd that’s all I got right now even though I’m sure there are a gazillion more.

Through what was clearly the hardest time in my life, you guys were there. You gave me strength and had confidence in me when I had none in myself. You believed in me and pushed me to get back to where I belong. You made me laugh when all I wanted to do was cry. You were there through days of me being ticked off because I couldn’t do anything to days where I thought I wanted to just give up. You guys, besides my parents and Emily, are my biggest support system.

As we go through this last year of high school together, promise me this, when we go off to college and do whatever it is we plan on doing, we stay in touch. Because I truly and honestly think that this first year of college is going to be tough without you guys. Promise me that we’ll text or call or even just send messages on Facebook to let each other know we’re thinking about them. Whether it’s because we remembered some memory or we’re just having a bad day and need someone to talk to, we will somehow let each other know that we miss them. Because one day next year I’m gonna be over in Ypsilanti and someone is going to show me the video of that person with their legs in the arms of their sweatshirt and I’m going to want to cry because I miss you Miranda. Or I’ll be walking through Walmart and start crying in an aisle because I thought of you Rachel. Or I’ll be watching the cheerleaders at a football game and think of Shelby, or hear the word ‘napkins’ and think of Miranda, or be drinking coffee and think of Kelsea. I can almost guarantee that our freshman year of college will be difficult because we aren’t used to being away from each other. So promise me that somehow we’ll stay in touch.
Okay, I hope I didn’t make you all cry too much, I just wanted you all to know how much I appreciate all of you and how much you’ve changed my life because you really have. I am so happy that I am lucky enough for God to have blessed me with you five. I’m lucky enough to have five of the most amazing people I can think of in my life. I love you all and hope you enjoy this post.

Sincerely, Me


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