Merry Christmas!!!! December Book Recommendation

Merry Christmas!!!! December Book Recommendation

What’s up everyboooooddddyyyyy?! Dallas here, back with another blog post! (That was me trying to imitate Jc Caylen if you couldn’t tell.)
So today I’m going to do something I know y’all seem to like….yes once again here is another book that I am recommending you read!!! Consider it a Christmas present from me to you.

So when I really got into my whole YouTube obsession, it pretty much started with O2L. More specifically, Connor Franta. Not going to lie he’s my favorite YouTuber. I mean yeah Kian’s cute and Jc is funny and Ricky is amazing and Sam is incredible and Trevor has an amazing voice, but…Connor stole my heart with all of his videos and I’ll forever be a fan and support him.

So of course when A Work in Progress came out I had to read it. I didn’t get it as soon as it hit the shelves, but I got it eventually and fell in love.

Most people will look at Connor and see him as just another YouTuber. But he’s so much more. I learned everything from his family to how he came to be an internet sensation. 

Connor’s book was just so inspirational and even though he’s only in his 20’s I felt like I could really relate to him because not too long ago he was a teenager too and he was dealing with stress from school and friends and relationships. Connor spoke a lot of truth in this book and I honestly could not put into words how incredible his memoir made me feel.

I highly highly highly suggest that you read A Work in Progress because not only is it written by an amazing guy, but it has some amazing words of wisdom in it as well. Connor has something to say on every aspect of being a teenager and also a YouTuber. I really loved reading this book and I hope you like it as much as I do.

Just ‘cuz I wanna try something new, I’m going to leave you with one of my favorite quotes from Connor’s book:

“So, yes, life has its ups and downs. But those who learn to climb out of the downs and reach the ups will prosper. What are you waiting for? Start climbing.”

-xox, dalg98

P.S. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas since I probably won’t be able to check back in with you until after the holiday!

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