YouTube Suggestions: Episode 4

YouTube Suggestions: Episode 4

Hey hey hey!!! What’s up guys I’m back yet again with another post!!! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and got everything you asked for!! Okay, with that said Let’s jump into this!!

Are you ready for this? Because I know I am. I’m currently on winter break so I am able to catch up on my YouTube watching!!! Here are some YouTubers that I have fallen in love with! Enjoy!

  1. Corey Scherer – not only is Corey a hilarious guy, he has some pretty sick dance skills that I could never get sick of watching! He’s so funny I literally could watch his videos a million times and still die of laughter. The first video of his that I watched was his Ouija Board Prank and I highly suggest you watch it and subscribe to his channel!!
  2. Next up we have Mahogany LOX – this red-haired beauty is one of, if not my number one, favorite female YouTubers. She’s a Dj/singer/amazing person all around. From her Music Monday videos to her makeup tutorials, Mahogany is just so incredibly amazing. Check out her cover of Becky G’s Shower and subscribe to mah gurl Mohagany!
  3. Aaron Carpenter – if you’ve heard of MagCon you’ve probably heard of this cutie. Aaron is such a wonderful human being I don’t even know how to put it into words. At least…that’s my opinion. I’m sorry…I love him…wait, what? No but for real, he’s funny and if you like Cameron Dallas you’ll probably like Aaron too. I suggest watching his Home Alone video and subscribing to his channel!
  4. Matt Espinosa – or as my little sister calls him “Matt EspiDOSA” (I don’t know guys, my sister is kind of a weirdo). Matt was also a part of MagCon. I first saw him on Nash Grier’s Oatmeal Challenge video, followed by Cameron Dallas’ Pickles and Leg Waxing video. I finally found his channel and immediately was hooked. Matt is one energetic kid and is probably one of the funniest guys I watch on YouTube. Him and his videos can always make me laugh even when I don’t want to and my sister and I can always count on Matt to make our late night YouTube watching worth being tired in the morning. Subscribe to Matt’s channel and check out his 25 Things to do When You’re Bored video.
  5. James Maslow – yes, I am a Rusher. Yes, I saw Big Time Rush in concert not once but twice. Yes James is my favorite and no not because he’s hot (even though he really is). When BTR was over and the guys all went their separate ways, I was still following them all on Twitter and Instagram. So I knew when James started uploading his videos on YouTube. And let me just tell you that BTR might be over, but James is still singing and being his amazing self. Go check out his cover of Omi’s  Cheerleader and subscribe to James.
  6. Austin James – so I’m not gonna lie I only just became a fan of Austin. But his music is really good and he’s following me on Twitter so that’s cool. Oh, he’s also added me on SnapChat (yeah, I know I’m cool). Anyways, I just recently downloaded his EP on iTunes but I have watched his music video for his song Hey You about a million times. I hope you check him out for me and listen to his music and like it as much as I do!!

Alright guys, that’s all I have for today, well tonight. It’s 11:45 here. Make sure to check out the YouTubers mentioned above and let me know what you think! TTYL guys!!!

-xox, dalg98

Twitter: @Hey_im_Dallas

Instagram: @Dallas_G98


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