Why Math is Stupid

Why Math is Stupid

*If you like math this post is not for you. And also we cannot be friends.*

Ever since I was in middle school, no scratch that, elementary school I have hated math class. I’ve hated everything about it. Other than like, basic addition and subtraction, I need a calculator to do pretty much everything. Like when I’m grown up and out at dinner I’m going to have to use my calculator on my phone to figure out the tip…

Math is literally the most pointless school subject. I can’t stand wasting time in this class. I mean, sure we might need some of the things we are taught later but I can pretty much guarantee you no one will ever use Pythagorean theorem in real life. Unless you become a math teacher.

Why am I learning things like SOHCAHTOA instead of important things like doing my taxes or balancing a checkbook?? I mean for real I will never ever use 90 percent of what I have learned in my various math classes.

I also hate when I’m in class and I take the notes and then when the teacher hands out a worksheet and it looks completely different from the notes I just slaved away at. WHAT THE HECK WAS THE POINT IN THE NOTES?!?!

In my math class this year we’ll learn one thing one day and it’ll be super easy but then the next day we learn something a million times harder and our teacher tells us that it’s the same thing we did the day before. Obviously it isn’t or I would understand what I’m doing!!

And once I hit middle school the teachers thought it’d be cool to incorporate letters into math. As if I wasn’t confused enough!! What the heck I thought this was math class not English class! Oh and last year we learned about imaginary numbers. Yeah, that’s a real thing. Ironic right? Imaginary numbers!! Why can’t we just stick with real ones??

Math sucks and I hate it. It’s the reason for like 98 percent of my school stress. I get so frustrated in math class I literally cry. I don’t understand people who enjoy the class. How can this be fun to you?

Math has also infiltrated my other classes. Physics is pretty much all math. But at least I have formulas in that class and can just plug numbers into it. Physics is a lot easier than math class. You know what the funny thing is? The fact that I didn’t take trig or calculus because I didn’t want the stress. But my ‘senior math’ class is still driving me crazy!! And it gets on my nerves when I ask someone in my class for help and they ‘don’t know what they’re doing’ but then get a fantastic grade on the test or quiz while I bomb it. But then they freaking ask me for help in other classes. And get mad when I tell them I ‘don’t know what I’m doing’!
Alright. I need to stop. I’m ranting. This all started because I couldn’t figure out my math homework. Because I hate math. Because math is stupid. Okay…I’m done.

Until next time!

-xox, dalg98    


2 thoughts on “Why Math is Stupid

  1. lol I completely agree with you. Except on the physics part. I absolutely despise that subject even more than math.
    (Currently writing this comment while trying to avoid the fact that i have a calc exam tomorrow :D).

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