Five Reasons Every Quiet Girl Needs a Loud Best Friend

Five Reasons Every Quiet Girl Needs a Loud Best Friend

Hey guys! I know, don’t even say it, it’s been so long since my last post. But my wifi was out for some weeks and I’ve been crazy stressed with school and exams and cheer. But I’m back so here’s a new post for y’all!!!

If you don’t know, I am a very quiet person. I don’t talk more than I need to or have to. I guess I just don’t like talking…I don’t know. However, my number one best friend is probably one of the loudest people I know. Her loudness makes up for my quietness. So, here are five reasons every quiet girl needs a loud best friend.

  1. Who else is going to say what you’re thinking? It’s like some weird brain thing. I swear sometimes it feels like my bestie and I share a brain. She always is able to say the things that I never will.
  2. There’s never awkward silences. And if there is, obviously there’s something wrong. When your best friend is the loud one, you know that something will always be being talked about.
  3. They speak their mind and are brutally honest. If you think that your outfit looks weird, you can count on your best friend to tell you straight if you look like an idiot.
  4. Your parents can then appreciate your quietness when she (or he) leaves. I don’t think you know how many times my parents have said ‘I like her, but she’s really loud’ (sorry chica but it’s true). I’m pretty sure that while my parents wished I talked more, they’re kind of glad that I’m not as loud as my best friend.
  5. Getting someone’s attention (for example a cute boy) is never a problem. Even though it might not be the smoothest way of getting attention, it’s never difficult to do. If you’re a quiet girl like me and you really really like that guy in your English class but you don’t know how to tell him, don’t worry because your bestie has got your back!!!

So! Yay for loud best friends. Because being a quiet girl and having a quiet best friend is just boring. Because sometimes we need her to make quiet moments into ones full of laughter. Because she doesn’t mind doing most of the talking.

This post is dedicated to my one and only best friend Emily!! But that’s all for now guys!! I’ll be back soon!!!!! TTYL!!

-xox, dalg98


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