Things You Missed Out On if You Didn’t Have a Boyfriend in High School

Things You Missed Out On if You Didn’t Have a Boyfriend in High School

Hey guys!! I’m baaaaaaaaaack!!! I have so many posts in the works right now, like these next few days are going to be post after post! Okay, maybe not everyday, but almost every day!
We’ve all saw those posts on Twitter where girls brag about how sweet their boyfriend is and how amazing high school is with ‘him’. Those posts where girls are convinced that the boy they are seeing is Prince Charming. Hey, maybe he is. Maybe those couples will live happily every after. I have nothing against those couples no matter how many times they break up and get back together.

Anyways! If you’re single (like me) and have been riding the single train all through high school (or forever) you’ve missed out on a lot of things. Things that aren’t the same if you don’t have a significant other. Things that you don’t really think about until all of your friends have boyfriends and you’re the only one who doesn’t and you have to settle with riding solo.

For example: wearing his football jersey. Okay I’ve never actually saw this happen at my school but I see it on TV all the I me and that’s pretty much the same thing. No but for real how cute would it be to have a boyfriend on the football team and wear his jersey on game days? At my school the cheerleaders get to wear old jerseys for homecoming but it’s not the same. It’s also kind of awkward if you get the same number jersey as a guy on the team….but I mean usually they’re cool with twinning with you.

Speaking of homecoming, what about homecoming proposals? Or prom-posals? Once the big dances start getting closer, the pictures start popping up all over Twitter. I think a lot of them are a bit much but I mean, I wouldn’t mind being asked to prom with pizza…just saying….if anyone is thinking about asking me to prom that’s the way to go. Or something with Austin Mahone. Because if I can’t go to prom with Austin, the next best thing is having him being a part of someone asking me.

Ooh, another one would be not recieving any Flower Grams. I don’t know if other schools do this, but at my school for Valentine’s Day we do this thing where you can buy and send flowers to someone for like a dollar each. It’s probably really nice to get flowers but I WOULDN’T KNOW. Okay, that’s kind of a lie because my cheer coach does send us flowers but I think it’s different if you have a boy who likes you sending you flowers. My friend’s boyfriend would send her like 20 every year – he graduated though – and I was honestly jealous like why can’t that be me? Oh right, because I don’t really like any of the guys at my school like that…

What about holding hands in the hallway? It’s weird if you try and hold your friend’s hand, and let’s face it, she probably won’t be the same as holding a boy’s hand. Or how about dancing at dances? Picture getting down to your jam (for me, Love Yourself by Justin Bieber – but I’m not a Belieber) and then BAM! A slow song starts up. What do you do? You hide out in the bathroom until the song is over. Or you slow dance with your other single friend. Or your friends force you to slow dance with someone. Either way it still sucks; and you feel like you’re missing something big.

A final one that I can think of would be just having someone to hang out with in school other than your friends. Someone who you can talk to and is your best friend. Cuz if you’re like me your best friend goes to a different school and therefore you have no one to gossip to without someone getting mad.
Ya know, I really don’t mind being single. There are plenty of things that couples go through that I honestly don’t think I could deal with. But that’s a whole different post. For real I don’t mind being single a lot of the time, but for somethings being in a relationship is just necessary.

I hope you all liked this post and can relate to it. Leave me a comment either here or on my Facebook Page on some things that you think would be better if you had a significant other!

Until next time lovelies! Make sure to check me out on Twitter: @Hey_im_Dallas and Instagram: @Dallas_G98

-xox, dalg98


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