February Book Recommendation

February Book Recommendation

Hey everyone! I’m back again, this time with another book recommendation! Since it’s February I thought about doing a romance novel. But since I could care less about Valentine’s Day and it doesn’t mean anything to me – except for chocolate – I thought I’d do a book that isn’t really be classified as a romance book.
There are probably a ton of books out in the world that have little or no romance in them but one series really stands out to me: A Series of Unfortunate Events.

I started reading this series in about second grade. But I’ve read it over so many times since then and every time I read it I find out some new thing in the books or read something that I missed the last ten hundred times I read them.

The series follows the Baudelaire orphans, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny. In the first book the stage is set. The children become orphans after their parents die in a mysterious fire. They are sent to live with their (very) distant relative Count Olaf. (A little side note, I knew Olaf was going to be bad from the first time I read his name…maybe it’s because every time I see Count something I think of vampires who usually are bad. Okay, back to the post.) So the three kids go to live with this random guy they’ve never met before in their life. Olaf ends up being this horrible guy and wants nothing to do with the children except for the huge fortune their parents left behind for them when Violet turns 18. The children end up escaping from what is only the first of many of Count Olaf’s awful schemes.

In the next couple of books, the children are bounced from living arrangement to living arrangement, ranging from a herpetologist to an entire village. The children end up having to actually run away from living in the village due to yet another of Olaf’s awful plots to get rid of the orphans so he can get some money.

The children eventually have to fend for themselves, they use disguises to try and figure out the mystery of some secret organization that they find out their parents were part of. The children are running and running and end up on this island inhabited by a group of people. Just when they think that they are in the clear, guess who shows up again? Yup, Count Olaf in the flesh. The children must face their ex-guardian for the thirteenth and last time.

That’s all I can really say on the books unless I wanted to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t read them. I suggest going to read them but you have to read them in order or nothing is going to make sense. This was the first big series that I read and probably my favorite. You definitely should go read this series and hopefully you will love it as much as I did. OH! and this series is going to be made into a series on Netflix!! So hopefully the show will be as good as the books!!! 

That’s all for now peeps! Ta-ta for now!!

-xox, dalg98


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