10 Struggles of Being a Competitive Cheerleader

10 Struggles of Being a Competitive Cheerleader

What’s up everyone!! I’m back again!!!!

So coming up tomorrow will be my last cheer meet. Ever. In my life. Unless we move on out of districts anyways, then I have a couple more weeks. So in honor of cheer being almost over, I decided to do a cheer post. Here are ten real struggles of being a competitive cheerleader!

  1. Wardrobe issues in the middle of a round – imagine being in front of a huge crowd. And you’re flipping and jumping and showing off. But then your skirt flies up and thank god for spandex or there would be a huge problem there. You’re first instinct is to pull it down right? WRONG! In competitive cheer, if you touch your uniform when you’re on the mat…penalty. So even if everyone can see your butt, there’s nothing you can do. And don’t even get me started on the body suits.
  2. Bruises – so if you’re like me, you get bruises from simple things and you get them a lot. Half of the time I don’t even know where they come from but it looks like someone is beating me. Yup, competitive does that. If you’re tight and snap your arms down, you can bet there will be a bruise on your leg later. And bases get beat up a lot when they stunt too.
  3. Mats – there’s always someone who thinks that they don’t have to help with this. Luckily on my team everyone’s pretty good about helping. But you don’t realize how hard it is to have to constantly put away and put down the mats. Or how disgusting they get if you don’t vacuum them often enough. There’s always so much hair on the mats it makes me wonder how any of us still have hair on our heads!
  4. “One more time” – just kidding twenty million more times! But it’s for the best. Even when you’re exhausted and want to stop, you can bet that these words will be said. Because we need to keep going. We need to build up endurance.
  5. Personal Care – you know how sometimes you just really don’t want to shave your legs? Or your knees are really dry and lotion would be wonderful at that moment? Yeah, well us cheerleaders have to shave all the time. There’s no such thing as ‘No Shave November’ because I can tell you that it’s embarrassing when you’re up in a stunt and your bases have to hold your legs and they are super hairy and gross.And if you’re the one that goes up in the air, lotion is an absolute no-no because one minute you’re being thrown and yeah your legs are smooth and moisturized, but the next thing you know you’re slipping and falling and then all you can think about is how dumb you look because you just fell out of a simple stunt.
  6. There’s no such thing as sleeping in on a Saturday – because of these things called Saturday Competitions at 10 A.M. Yeah, I’m definitely not a morning person and so I despise these early morning meets.
  7. Red lipstick – it’s really pretty and I love it. But it’s not so pretty when you have a white uniform and forget to put it on after you’re dressed so you have to somehow manage to get dressed without getting lipstick all over. Or when it’s on your teeth and you don’t realize it until AFTER you’ve done your thing and everyone has noticed it BUT YOU.
  8. Head nodding = whiplash – I’m pretty sure I literally gave myself whiplash the other day because I moved my head so much. But it looked good and I’m fine now so I mean it’s okay!
  9. Look like Barbie, sound like Ken – yeah. This is a real thing in the cheer world. I swear I didn’t make this up. We look like nice girls, but we sound like men when we cheer. Because no one wants to listen to girls screech and scream. Because it won’t catch anyone’s attention. Yeah we might sound like guys, but it’s for the best!
  10. “It’s not even a sport” – excuse me, lift a girl into the air while she stands on one foot. Now throw her and actually catch her. And while you’re at it why don’t you whip out a back tuck. And don’t forget to say the words, punch your motions, stay tight, make facials, nod your head, point your toes, don’t let your thumbs stick out when you clap, make sure you’re in time with the person in front of you, smile, yell, don’t touch your uniform, be in all three rounds without a huge break in between them, push through the pain, use every muscle in your body, THEN TELL ME IT’S NOT A SPORT.

Thanks for reading everyone! And wish my teem and I luck tomorrow as we take the mat!!!

-xox, dalg98


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