YouTube Suggestions Part 5

YouTube Suggestions Part 5

What’s up guys!!! I’m back again with another installment of YouTube suggestions!!!! Make sure to check these people out for me!!!!! Let’s get to it!!

  1. Andrew Lowe – he was in a few of JennxPenn’s videos but I just recently got into watching just him. I first saw him on Ricky Dillon’s ‘Cupcake Baking Gone Wrong’ video and instantly was obsessed. I think that Andrew and I have the same sort of personality. We’re both kind of sarcastic with a dry sense of humor. His videos are really funny and you definitely should check out his latest ‘Holiday Cooking with Andrew: Nacho Pizza.
  2. Brenna Maeve – Brenna is actually one of my oldest friends. Our dads work together and we’ve known each other since like kindergarten. She’s an incredible singer and very talented. I love watching her covers because they motivate me to post my own dance videos. Check out her cover of Walk the Moon’s Shut Up and Dance with Me.
  3. Eh Bee Family – so they’re more of a vine family, but their YouTube videos are pretty funny too. My little sister is obsessed with watching them and I have to admit they’re pretty funny.  They mostly do challenges with a few random question and answer videos and some vlogs. Make sure to watch the Headshot Challenge.
  4. Nate Garner – oh god where do I begin with this beautiful human being? So the Dolan twins are how I discovered this guy. But no offense to the Dolan’s but they got nothing on him. Nate Garner is a super cute – so, scratch that, super hot – guy who posts some pretty hilarious videos. He can always make me laugh and always manages to put a smile on my face, even if I’m having the worst day. Go watch his D*** Nathaniel video because apparently D*** Daniel is a huge thing right now and I don’t understand it but whatever.
  5. Sammy Wilk – if you don’t like Sammy, we cannot be friends. You might as well just leave now. No I’m joking, but Sammy is this amazing singer/rapper guy. I found him through the Jacks and instantly was hooked. His music is amazing and while he doesn’t know I exist, has made my life 1o0 times better. He just released a new song on iTunes called ‘Turn the Lights Down’ that I cannot wait to listen to….if I ever get an iTunes card. I’ll post the link to that song too so y’all can check it out and tell me how incredible it is. Make sure to watch Sammy’s music video for his song Chase the Day because I can almost guarantee that you’ll find him as hot as I do.
  6. WeeklyChris – again, he’s more of a Vine guy. I mentioned Chris briefly in a previous blog about who to follow on Twitter but I thought I’d introduce him properly here. Chris not only is super cute and very funny, but he can sing too!!!!!! I love watching Chris because he also can put a smile on my face and is just a great guy. Check out his newest cover of Rihanna’s Work

Alright guys, that’s all for today!!! Hey, shoutout to snow days because this post probably wouldn’t have happened if I woulda had school! Sometimes living in Michigan is worth it!! I hope you guys take my suggestions and check out these wonderful people on YouTube!! Let me know some of your favorite YouTubers on Twitter (@Hey_im_Dallas) or here in the comments and maybe they’ll make it into the next post!!! But for now that’s all I got for you guys! Later lovelies!!

-xox, dalg98

Listen to Turn the Lights Down by Sammy Wilk on @AppleMusic.


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