They Matter Too

They Matter Too

Hey everyone, so I wrote about this somewhere else before and I mentioned it briefly in a different post about the Colorado Springs shooting that happened some time ago and no one even thinks about anymore. But this topic is never going to to away until everyone realizes that it’s a big deal. Maybe this post will offend some people, but I’m just gonna put out there what I think. This is something that really gets me thinking and really affects me and my family.
It seems like every time I’m on the internet I can find so many negative stories about law enforcement. For instance, some time ago there was that whole thing in South Carolina regarding that officer forcefully removing the girl from her chair and literally throwing her across the room. We always hear about the bad cop stories but what about the good cops? What about all the officers who risk their lives day after day for people they may never see again?

What people don’t realize is that being a police officer is probably one of the hardest jobs. These men and women go to work each day, not knowing if they will come home at night. It’s a scary thought, especially for the daughter of a cop. There have been times where I hear things and am not sure who was involved or if my dad was a part of it. It’s scary to not know if when you say goodbye to your dad before school if it will be the last time.

I literally just typed ‘police’ into Google News and the first thing that popped up was ‘Video shows school officer striking young man’. See, but it took me a bit of scrolling to find anything about a good police officer. Everyone always hears about the bad cops who take things too far and act rashly, but we never really hear about the good ones who help people. The ones who stick up for people. The ones who have given up their own lives so someone else doesn’t have to.

I don’t know how many times my dad has had to get up in the middle of the night to respond to a crash. Or how many times he’s come home after work only to be called back in later because some drunk idiot hit an innocent driver on the road. Just a couple weeks ago my dad worked all day and didn’t get home until late because of a fatal car crash that killed a man and his daughter.

Police officers do more than give speeding tickets. Police officers see everything from death to children being taken away from their homes because it’s not safe for them. Not only do police officers have their own families to take care of, there are people in the world who need them even if they don’t know them.

My dad goes to work every single day not knowing what will happen. He’s dealt with everything you could possibly think of, but that thought flies from everyone’s mind when we hear about an officer acting wrongly. Are there bad cops in the world? Eh probably. Just like there are mean teachers and movie directors and singers. But does that mean that every cop is bad? No it absolutely does not.

Do a quick Google search for police news stories and tell me how many you find right off the bat that are good. It seems like for every 10 bad cop stories, there’s maybe one good cop. I know for a fact that not every cop is bad. Not only do I have my dad to prove that point, but every single one of my dad’s friends who go to work to do the job that no one else does.

Cops are there, yeah to keep the roads safe from idiots who don’t know how to drive, but also to respond to gang activity, fires, robberies, and a lot more. There are people in this world who look at cops and have the most respect, me included. And then there are people who look at cops and see this horrible villain. Those people should think about all the things that would happen if we didn’t have cops in this world.

My dad has taught me that sometimes the hardest thing to do is the right thing and I believe that to be one of the biggest things he’s learned as a police officer. My dad has had to break up families, take kids from their homes, and been there to tell a family that there has been a horrible accident. Did he want to? Did he wake up and think ‘oh I’m gonna make everyone’s day suck’? No. He got up and went to work just like teachers, authors, and waiters. His job just takes him down different roads.

It makes me sad to hear all these stories of cops getting killed in the line of duty. It makes me think of my dad and all his guys and what they have to go through everyday. Even though my dad works in the office now, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t see all these things first hand. My dad is the strongest guy I know and has changed not only how I look at things, but other people’s as well. Not only does he help my family and make sure we are safe, he looks out for people all over the county. I hope that those people who consider police officers to be the worst people because they got a speeding ticket or got in trouble for not wearing their seatbelt read this post and realize that there’s more to police officers that that.

Thank you to all the police officers out there who put their lives at risk to keep the rest of us safe. And thank you to the officers who have lost their lives just doing their job.

Until next time lovelies!

-xox, dalg98


2 thoughts on “They Matter Too

  1. I love this post. You are so right. The media focuses on the worst examples and rarely draws attention to the thousands of police officers that put their lives on the line every day and do some many good and brave things! None of them get any public recognition.

    Yesterday a police office in the city I live was shit and killed in the line of duty. Heartbreaking. People are honoring his life and his service, but it’s sad that it takes his death for that to happen.

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