How to Overcome Depression/Bullying – Nate Garner

How to Overcome Depression/Bullying – Nate Garner

Hey guys, so a while back I did a post like this for a different YouTube video that Cameron Dallas posted called A Positive Message. Well the other day a different YouTuber – Nate Garner, posted this video called (in case you couldn’t tell by the title) How to Overcome Depression/Bullying.

I just really got into watching Nate on YouTube after seeing him with the Dolan Twins. But even though I haven’t been a fan for very long, this video really hit me. Nate is like Cameron in the way that his videos are usually lighthearted and funny. This one was serious though.

I saw on his Twitter the other day that one of the Nate Garner fan accounts recently committed suicide. It hit Nate pretty hard and really was the inspiration behind this video. Suicide isn’t a joking matter and if you think that people are being dramatic or whatever when they do it then you need to just leave right now. It’s a serious thing that happens everyday and to people that you might not even realize are struggling. Sometimes the happiest people are the ones who are the saddest and the ones who work their hardest to make sure others aren’t crying are the ones crying themselves to sleep every night.

Nate’s video talks about how he overcame depression from being bullied in high school and offers some good advice to anyone out there who is dealing with being bullied or feeling depressed. The one thing that really stood out to me was when he said “find something you love that takes your mind off of all the negative things in your life.” I think it really hit me because YouTube is my escape. When I feel sad or feel depressed or just feel not like myself, I know I can get on YouTube and watch something to make me feel better. Whether it’s Austin Mahone singing or Cameron Dallas acting like a goofball, or Nate with his puppy, I know that YouTube will bring my spirits up. I thought it was ironic, I guess is the right word, that he says that and the thing that makes me focus on the positive in my life is watching people like him who make me smile.

Nate probably doesn’t know that I even exist. He doesn’t know that his video has made such an impact on my life. He doesn’t know that I’m anything except another fan. But I mean, that’s okay in my book. It’s because of videos like this that I know things will get better. It’s because of Cameron’s and Nate’s videos that I know the feeling of depression or not fitting in will not last forever. Even though it seems like it will at the time, in the future I won’t even be thinking about what I was feeling in high school.
I’m not writing this post to get noticed by Nate or Cameron, I’m writing this to tell you guys that it’ll get better. If you’re struggling, stay strong. If you’re having suicidal thoughts or self-harming because you don’t think that anyone cares about you, I do. You were given this life because you’re strong enough to live it. You were put here because you have a purpose. You belong here and no one is allowed to make you feel like you don’t. I’m writing this because Nate and Cameron are the reason I fight through the negative feelings and because my idols are the reason I don’t give up no matter how crappy my life seems or no matter how depressed I feel even if I feel depressed all the time, I want to be that person for someone. I want people to know that while they might feel alone, there are others who feel the same way and you’re not alone. There are people who you can talk to and who will listen and people who care about you and what happens to you. I’m writing this because no one should feel so alone that they don’t want to exist. No one should have to go through that. I’m writing this post because I know how it feels to want to disappear. I know how it feels when you think you have no one. I know how it feel when you think the world is against you. I know how it freaking feels and it sucks. I’m writing this to tell you that you can talk to me. You can shoot me a DM on Twitter and I’ll answer. You can comment here and I’ll respond. I’m here for you even if you think that no one else is. I’m writing this so that people reading this know that there’s one person who cares about them enough to tell them to not give up. To tell them that they matter. To tell them that they are loved. I’m writing this because of that and not because I want some YouTuber to notice me.
Again, suicide isn’t a joke. And while those negative feelings go away after time, suicide is forever. And if you commit suicide it doesn’t just impact you, it impacts everyone around you, whether you think they care or not. Please know that it will get better even if you don’t think so. Know that you are loved and you’re not worthless. And know that no one, not one single person, can tell you different and be right. Everyone who says that you don’t matter or no one cares about you is lying. You do. I promise.

-xox, dalg98

Twitter: @Hey_im_Dallas

Nate’s Video


One thought on “How to Overcome Depression/Bullying – Nate Garner

  1. I’ve battled (and still am) with depression and a whole heap of other mental illnesses since a very young age so I’ve been writing songs ever since I was 7, and to this day I still write songs, only, I do it for professional singers but I’m a ghost writer. Which basically means I write the songs but get no recognition for it. Someday I’d like to sing my own songs but I don’t have the confidence for it yet, even though I’ve got (I don’t mean to brag sorry but it’s what my singing teacher and singing examiner have told me) a great voice. Anyway, are you excited about Nate’s big reveal on who the lucky fan is that gets to go to Hawaii????!!?!? I am. I don’t care if it’s not me. I’m just gonna be excited for the fan. I think it’s Maverick hahah


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