To the Class of 2016

To the Class of 2016

Congrats. We’ve made it. We’re finally here. We’re done. It’s over. This is it. Okay, maybe we aren’t completely done and we have a month or two left. But we’re seniors and soon it will be over. No more proms or homecoming dances. No more pep assemblies or high school lunches. No more being in class 7 days a week with the same 20-30 people.

When we were in kindergarten it seemed like the year 2016 was forever away. It seemed like we’d always be stuck in elementary school doing elementary school kid things. When we hit middle school it still seemed like 2016 would never get here. There was also that whole ‘the world is going to end in 2012’ thing which probably didn’t help. As freshman it was like ‘yes! We are finally in high school and it can only get better!’ At least at first. Then we realized we were basically the babies again. Yikes. Sophomore year was kind of a blur, like do any of us really remember anything that happend sophomore year? Junior year things started to get serious. We went to prom – some of us for the first time – and took the ACT. We starting looking at colleges and making big decisions that would impact our future. Only now the future didn’t seem so far away. Before we could blink junior year was over and senior year was upon us.

By now most of us have figured out what we want to be when we grow up. Most of us know where we are going to college and what we are going to major in. Heck, some of us even know exactly who we want to work for and what our house will look like once we start our career. That’s kind of scary. All our lives we’ve depended on our parents to schedule doctors appointments and give us money to go out and feed us. Now we’ll have to do all those things on our own.

Some of us will stick close to home. Come home if not every night than every weekend. Come and watch the high school football games and basketball and volleyball and baseball games. Others will leave. Go out of state or just hours away. We’ll come home but not as often as others. Probably not every weekend. Definitely not every night. But when we come home it’ll be like we never left. And we’ll be able to catch up with family and old friends like no time has passed at all.

It might be hard at first, to leave behind all the friends we’ve made. To leave behind things that didn’t seem to matter when we were younger like seeing the same people at the same time everyday. To move on to bigger and probably better things. To make new friends and have a clean slate. But once we get comfortable we will once again be waiting to graduate. But we will soon realize that this is new adventure will be just that…an adventure. 

We’ve all been together since the start. We’ve shared important moments with each other and been there through thick and thin. Through dances and playoff games, there’s no one else who would understand half of the things we have done other than each other.

So. Here’s to us. Here’s to making these last few months meaningful. To talking to people we normally wouldn’t. To working twice as hard to get good grades this last marking period. To senior pranks and ordering cap and gowns. To last proms and first college course registration. Here’s to the class of 2016. Let’s make these last few months the best of the best.

-xox, dalg98


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