An Open Letter to 13 Year Old Me – Things I wish someone would have told me

An Open Letter to 13 Year Old Me – Things I wish someone would have told me

Hey girl, 

It’s me, your older self. Listen, things might seem rough right now. You might feel like the world is against you. But things really do get better. You might feel really alone right now. Like all your friends have left you and there’s just no one there, but it’s not the end of the world. 

I get that you’re probably scared of what the future holds and the fact that you’ll soon be in high school. Hey, maybe that’s why you’re pushing everyone away. Maybe that’s why you’re feeling so depressed and why everything seems like a never ending rain storm. But high school is actually pretty cool. All the TV shows you’ve watched that make it seem horrible are lying. There won’t be some jerk standing by the doors of the lunchroom to demand your lunch money. There won’t be teachers who give you detentions for every little thing. The upperclassmen aren’t even that scary. You got this.

Another thing, that boy that you have a ginormous crush on right now? He’s not going to know you exist. But hey, everything will be okay. You’ll find someone better, maybe not any time soon, maybe not even in high school. But you will and you’ll forget all about that “special guy” you think is the one right now in eighth grade.

Don’t freak out when you don’t understand something in class. Don’t think it’s the end of the world because you’ll figure it out. You’re smart, more than smart actually. Your intelligence is what makes you you. Oh, and if some idiot asks to copy your Spanish homework, say no. You worked hard for the grade you get in Spanish, it isn’t your fault that they didn’t.

Your teenage years are going to be full of laughter. Full of tears. Full of days spent with friends and days spent alone. You’ll face some challenges. Things that you think mean your world is ending. Things that seem too big to accomplish. But you’ll get over them. I know you will. Wanna know how I know? Because of your everlasting faith in God. Because you know that He wouldn’t put something in your life that you couldn’t overcome. Because as long as you believe in God, you’ll be able to get through anything. From big tests to fights with friends. God will get you through it and you’ll come back stronger than before.

There will be plenty more times to sit in your room and read Harry Potter for the millionth time. So go out. When your friends ask to go to dinner, say yes. When there’s nothing going on, have some people over to watch movies. I guarantee you’ll be a million times happier if you hang with friends instead of flying solo. 

Remember to smile. It’s impossible to be upset with a smile on your face. Even when all you want to do is break down and cry, keep smiling. I’m not saying don’t cry. No, if you need to, let it out. Have a good old fashioned cry fest and bawl your eyes out. But then pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. Touch up your makeup and smile that beautiful smile. Keep on keeping on.

A great guy once said, “People are going to give their opinions about you. Some poeple are going to make fun of you, no matter what. So you might as well do whatever you want and enjoy it,” and that should be something you live by. Don’t be afraid to take risks because you’re scared of what someone else might say. 


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