Things I look for in a guy

Things I look for in a guy

Hey guys! I’m back again!! I’ve been posting more because I missed out on a few posts and there was that long period when I was in Florida and probably could have blogged but I laid by the pool and went to Disney instead ANYWAYS!!! So the topic today is boys. Boyfriends. Boy friends. Significant others of the male species, you catch my drift. I thought it would be fun and enlightening to tell you people what I look for in a guy. The characteristics that come to mind when someone says ‘hey Dallas, what’s your dream guy like?’ Okay so normally I would probably say Austin Mahone but that doesn’t really help. Let’s just get started before I embarrass myself anymore.

Firstly, he has to be loyal. That’s probably the biggest one TBH. I don’t want to have to worry about going somewhere far away and having my boy decide to go for some other chick. I want a loyal guy who doesn’t flirt with a million other girls. I don’t care if he has girl friends but I should be his only girlfriend.

Also, he should be down to just chill and listen to music with me. We don’t have to go on crazy adventures, I’d be fine staying in and listening to some throwback music. Music is literally my favorite thing in the world and if you’re cool with literally laying on the floor while Maroon 5 plays, I automatically like you.

He should be funny. Funny guys are like ten times better than guys who aren’t funny. If you can make me laugh that’s awesome, great job. It’ll be nice when I’m feeling down and nothing seems to be going right he can just tell me a joke and I’ll feel better…I hope.

Down to cuddle and snuggle with me at night. Just be warned, when my feet are cold I have a habit of sticking my feet directly next to yours to warm them up. But I do like to cudddle so cuddling is a definite must.

Short hair. Ugh long hair is not an option. I am that one percent of the female race who thinks Harry Styles looks stupid with long hair. I definitely prefer short hair over long hair. And don’t even get me started on the whole man bun thing, ew. Disgusting.

Finally, he must walk on four legs and be a german shepherd dog.

-xox, dalg98


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