May Book Recommendation

May Book Recommendation

Hello! Here I am with a new book recommendation because I didn’t post one in March or April and now it’s May so I probably should post.

So remember one of my very first book recommendations for the book Catching Jordan? About the girl football player? Okay if you don’t remember it you can check that out here. Anyways!! I recently got into this new series and the first book is called Dairy Queen which is kind of similar to Catching Jordan. 

It’s about this girl who’s name is D.J. Schwenk. She’s a small country girl who lives on a dairy farm in Red Bend, Wisconsin that has been in her family for generations. D.J. Is a three sport athlete, playing volleyball and basketball and running track in the spring. She has two older brothers who are both star football players that she doesn’t talk to because of some big family drama that happened and one younger brother who doesn’t talk at all unless he absolutley has to.

Anyways, D.J plans on spending her summer on the farm doing what needs to be done. Her plans involve milking, haying, and the rest of a list of chores that never seems to end along with hanging with her best friend Amber. What doesn’t her summer involve? Training Hawely, Wisconsin quarterback Brian Nelson for the upcoming football season. Brian comes to the Schwenk farm to work, ditches after one day sweating, but is forced to come back by his coach who’s close friends with D.J.’s dad. Brian’s coach strikes a deal with D.J. To try out training Brian for a week because he knows that D.J. Helped out her brothers when they both played football for Red Bend. So no big deal right? Nope, try the biggest deal. See, Red Bend and Hawley are the biggest high school football rivals around. Obviously it was a big deal. Could you imagine, the sister of two star players for Red Bend found training the QB of Hawely? Not fun. And D.J knew it wasn’t going to be fun. Brian complained. A lot. But nonetheless he continues on with D.J.’s training program. And she actually enjoys it.

One of the first thing Brian says to D.J is when he’s about to storm off after working for one single day for the Schwenks is that she’s like a cow. She does everything she’s told without ever questioning it or stepping out of her comfort zone. This really gets to D.J. She doesn’t want to be thought of as a cow, she’s been around cows her whole life. So what does she deicde to do? She trys out for Red Bend high school’s football team. She’s the only girl amongst a bunch of guys. She’s not sure how they’ll take to having a girl on the team and of course there’s at least one guy who doesn’t care for her and makes it known. But D.J. Doesn’t let that get to her. However, after slacking off with school because of farm duties, D.J. Has to make up her English class before she can play. Which needless to say she does. D.J. Plays in the big Red Bend-Hawely scrimmage. The big problem? She didn’t tell Brian she was playing football. And he isn’t too happy when he finds out. After all, D.J. Spent all summer training him, she knew all his moves and now she’s playing against him. And if you wanna know what all happens there, I suggest you read the book because I feel like I’ve gave too much away already.

I actually loved reading this book almost as much as I loved reading Catching Jordan all five hundred times I read it. It’s really good and one important lesson I learned from it is that sometimes you gotta step out of your comfort zone. You shouldn’t spend your whole life doing everything exactly the same without questioning it or changing it up. I really enjoyed reading this not just becasue of the lesson but because it shows, like Catching Jordan, that girls can do everything guys can and they can do it just as well. I definitely recommend you check this book out and maybe read the rest of the series too. I’m on the second one right now and it’s just as good!!

Well, that’s all for now, I’ll talk to you guys again soon! As always, feel free to comment and share! Leave me a like and don’t forget to hit that follow button. You can find me on all my social media (Twitter: @Hey_im_Dallas Instagram: @Dallas_G98) to keep up with me. I’ll talk to you guys later!!

-xox, dalg98


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