Things that bug me – Home edition

Things that bug me – Home edition

What’s up guys! I’m finally getting a chance to blog! I’ve been super busy finishing up school and working and I feel like I haven’t talked to you guys in forever!

So the topic today is things that bug me. One of my first posts was titled ‘Things that Bug Me’. I was watching some Joe Santagato videos earlier and he has a video called ‘Things I Hate (Home Edition)’ and it pretty much inspired this post. So without further ado, here are somethings that bug me at home.

  1. When I wash dishes and then two minutes later there are four cups, twenty forks, ten plates and twelve million spoons waiting to be washed all over again – apparently none of my siblings know that if they just drink water in a cup they don’t have to get a new one everytime YES EMILIO I AM TALKING TO YOU.
  2. When the toilet paper roll is pretty much empty and no one puts a new one on the thing – my friend has this thing in her bathroom and it’s literally my favorite thing, it’s this little painting thing that says ‘putting a new roll of toilet paper on the holder will not cause brain damage’. It’s true too.
  3. When I need to brush my hair and there’s never a brush where I left it – you don’t even know how many times this happens to me. We have three brushes in our house but they’re always missing when I need one. Do you know how many times I’ve brushed my hair, well attempted to, with a tiny comb? Too many.
  4. When I think there’s still cookies or granola bars so I excitedly grab the box and BAM! it’s empty – the worst feeling in the whole entire world. And again, it happens more often than you might think. Sometimes I just want something to eat but it’s gone and my siblings have left the box in the pantry to get my hopes up.
  5. When I have to hold my phone a certain way so the charger works – ugh the most annoying thing on planet earth. Or when my charger goes missing and I find it charging my mom’s phone. That’s happened before.
  6. When I need to shower so I can go to sleep (because I hate showering in the morning) but my brother is in there and has been for an hour and I know there isn’t going to be any hot water left – which is why I try to take showers before him. Oh and when I get out of the shower and he goes in but needs my towel that is ON MY HEAD WITH MY HAIR WRAPPED UP and he rips it off my head, which in turn rips my hair out. Thanks bro!
  7. Trying to watch a movie with my brother – I can’t even deal with it anymore, I don’t remember the last time I watched a movie with him because he asks so many questions. And it’s even worse when I haven’t saw the movie yet and he asks me twenty thousand questions. JUST WATCH THE MOVIE.
  8. When I’m watching a funny video and show my family and they ask ‘who’s that?’ – I don’t know some idiot on the Internet, just watch the video and laugh with me!
  9. Having to kill spiders for my mom and brother – I am not joking when I say that when I go to college I don’t know who is going to take over this responsibility. It doesn’t matter what time of the is, if there’s a spider my mom AND MY BROTHER yell for me to kill it. Just step on the bug guys you’re a million times bigger than it.
  10. When the wifi stops working – ugh literally the worst. I feel like I basically live my life on the Internet so when I can’t blog or Tweet or Instagram, things get rough.

This post definitely makes my home life sound a lot more difficult than it is. I just wanted y’all to get a glimpse into my life and hopefully you can relate to some of these things and we can be friends and rant about the things that bug us the most. BUT, that’s all I have for today guys and girls! Make sure to check me out on Twitter: @Hey_im_Dallas and Instagram: @dallas_g98 and let me know if you’ve read this blog or any of my others! I’ll talk to you guys soon!

-xox, dalg98


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