Meet My Sister!! – Family Week: Episode 1

Meet My Sister!! – Family Week: Episode 1

The teacups are out. There’s a place set for everyone. Me, the big sister, Stewart, the number one minion stuffed animal, Jerry, the second and not as important minon, and….my little sister. Meet Landry. A feisty 9 year old who knows her way around not only the dance floor, but the life of a little sister/fangirl verrry well.

Landry Maya Gomez was born one fine summer day – June 5th to be exact. The little pain…I mean princess came into the world crying but one look and I was in love with my baby sister. It was I who gave her the famous nickname that everyone calls her – Lala – shortening up her not-so-long name. Like me, Landry’s name has some ties to the football team in Texas. Landry was named after the first coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Tom Landry. (Is it obvious now that my dad likes the Cowboys just a little?)

As previously mentioned, my sister is a dancer just like me. Starting when she was just three with a cute little tap number to ‘I’m a Little Teapot’ at Bohaty’s School of Dance, Lala fell in love as soon as she started. A few years later we had the idea to start our own YouTube channel with some dance videos, and while there aren’t very many yet, we hope our channel will grow as the years go on. This year Lala is in three different dances: a hip hop dance, a tap dance, and a ballet dance. Her skills don’t stop in class though. Oh no. Landry is constantly coming up with new dance moves where ever she is. In the aisles of the grocery store, walking through the park, anywhere.

“[Making up new dance moves] makes me feel funny. I always think ‘I have to show sissy this!’ Or ‘Sissy’s gonna die laughing at this one!'” Lala says. And yes, her dance moves really are pretty great. There are times when she come up to me randomly and is like ‘Sissy, watch this new move!’ And then breaks out in a series of flailing arms and legs and jumping all over.

Unlike most 9 year olds, my little sister has been already introduced to the fangirl life. I mean, she has me as a sister, of course she has. After attending her first concert, Big Time Rush, at the age of five, Lala fell in love with the boys of BTR and proceeded to hang their pictures all over the bedroom walls. Especially Mr. Kendall Schmidt. Following being introduced to the wonderful world of YouTube and Vine, Landry fell in love with Vine sensations Jack and Jack and Carter Reynolds. Her favorite thing to do is watch Jack and Jack Vine compilations for hours on end. Out of the two boys, Jack Johnson is her absolute favorite guy in the whole world. Lala would give anything to meet the guy so if you happen to be reading this Jack Johnson, let’s make it happen.

“Their Vines really cheer me up when I’m having a bad day. They’re very fuuuuunny and I like listening to their music,” Lala tells us regarding her love for Jack and Jack. As far as Carter Reynolds goes, Lala is convinced they’re going to get married one day, even though I’d rather have her marry Johnson. We got the opportunity to see Jack and Jack when they came to Detroit in February. Lala loved getting the chance to sing along to her boys and dance while they performed onstage. Of course her favorite part was when Johnson ‘winked’ at her. And when he took his shirt off.

Now that we’ve talked about my sister’s fangirl life and dance life, here are some fun facts about this 9 year old sass queen:

  1. Her favorite color is white – because it’s Carter’s favorite color.
  2. Her favorite Carter Reynolds YouTube video is his fanmail opening one – she laughs no matter how many times she watches it.
  3. Her favorite Jack and Jack Vine is the ‘No Matter What You Never Let the Balloon Hit the Ground’ one.
  4. Her favorite movie is The Fault In Our Stars.
  5. Her favorite song is Higher by Sammy Wilk (as you can see I’ve taught her quite well).
  6. Her favorite YouTube video at the moment is a Littlest Pet Shop video by CookieswirlC.
  7. Her favorite YouTuber (other than Carter and the Jacks) is CookieswirlC.
  8. Her favorite person’s SnapChat story to see (on my phone of course) is Jack Johnson.
  9. If she could go anywhere in the world she would go to California – because that’s where her boys Jack and Jack live and she wants to visit them.
  10. If she could hang out with Jack Johnson for the day she would want to eat pizza, go bowling, and watch YouTube.

Well guys, that’s all for today, I hope you enjoyed this interview with my wonderful sister! It’d be awesome if Jack Johnson saw this so he knows just how much he means to Lala. But anyways, I’ll talk to you guys later!!!

-xox, dalg98


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