Q & A with My Littlest Brother!! Family Week: Episode 2

Q & A with My Littlest Brother!! Family Week: Episode 2

Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed my post yesterday and I’m going to try and post every day this week. Through these posts I hope you guys get to learn more about me and my family.  Instead of an article-like post today, like I did with my sister yesterday, I’m going to shake things up and put this one in a Q and A form. So, everyone give a warm welcome to my youngest brother, Elijah!!

  1. Q: What is something I always say to you? A: I love you.
  2. Q: What makes me happy? A: Turtles, bunnies, and minions. And your favorite blanket is your ‘Emily blanket’ if that’s the next question.
  3. Q: What makes me sad? A: When I’m at Mum-Mum’s (his grandma’s) or at a sleepover. 
  4. Q: What was I like as a kid? A: A: You and Bubba (other brother) liked each other.
  5. Q: How old am I? A: 16 (18)
  6. Q: How tall am I? A: 24 inches long (thanks bud, I’m short but I’m not that short).
  7. Q: What is your favorite thing to do? A: Play video games and play with my Angry Bird toys.
  8. Q: What do you do when I’m not around? A: Play with someone else.
  9. Q: If I become famous, what will I be famous for? A: Being a dancer with Austin Mahone (even my 6 year old brother knows how much I love Austin Mahone….). 
  10. Q: What is something you’re good at? A: Plants vs. Zombies. 
  11. Q: What is something I am not good at? A: Fixing the generator (???) and fixing the bed (again….??????).
  12. Q: What do you want to be when you grow up? A: A judge.
  13. Q: What is my favorite food? A: Lasagna (actually it’s pizza rolls but I guess lasagna will work).
  14. Q: If I was a person on TV who would I be? A: A werewolf on Teen Wolf. But you’d be on the good side (Scott McCall here I come).
  15. Q: What do we do together? A: Play Legos.
  16. Q: How are we the same? A: We both have peach skin (which is a nice way of saying how pale I am) and we love candy.
  17. Q: How are we different? A: Our eyes are different. Yours are hazel (his are blue).
  18. Q: How do you know I love you? A: You smile when I say a joke.
  19. Q: Where is our favorite place to go? A: Frosty’s Freezer to get ice cream!
  20. Q: How old was I when you were born? A: Uh I don’t know, three? (I was 12)

Well guys, that’s all for today! I hope yo liked this post and got to get yet another glimpse into my life and the people I live with. Thanks to Elijah for being a good sport about doing this even though I know he would have rather been playing. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post with my other brother!

-xox, dalg98


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