Life of a Mom!! Family Week: Episode 3

Life of a Mom!! Family Week: Episode 3

Hey guys! If you’re reading this then you’ve found my blog and CONGRATULATIONS! YOU’RE LIKE A HUNDRED TIMES COOLER NOW!!! I’ve been introducing you guys to my family all week and am continuing that today with my very own mom! But she’s not just my mom, she’s easily my best friend as I wrote in my Mother’s Day blog post, which you can read Here. But today she’s here to answer all the burning questions I have for her about the life of a mom and raising the legend that is me. Anyways, let’s get started.

So I figured if I was going to interview my mom, I probably should ask her questions relating to being a mom. I went online and found some interesting ones so here we goooooo!

  1. Q: What’s one thing you would have done differently as a mom? A: Breastfed all the kids becuase after child #3 I realized how great it was.
  2. Q: Why did you choose to be with my dad? A: Well you see his family gave my family a goat, no I’m just kidding. He makes me laugh and feel safe and he’s the life of the party.
  3. Q: How am I like you? How am I not like you? A: We share the same faith, we’re both nurturing and sarcastic, and we both enjoy a Lifetime movie on a lazy Saturday. (“And you’re both beautiful” -Lala) But you’re quiet and shy, you have light features, you’re good at school, and you dance and cheer where I swam and ran in school.
  4. Q: Do you have a favorite child? A: Yes I do and the rest of you slackers should strive to be like them. (Obviously she’s talking about me.)
  5. Q: Is there anything you want to tell me that you never have? A: Yes. Some of the clothes you wear aren’t flattering. (Thanks mom.)
  6. Q: Do you think it’s harder to raise a child now compared to when you we’re growing up? A: Yes becasue of social media it’s harder to protect our kids.
  7. Q:What are some questions you would want to ask your mom? A: Did you ever want to just throw in the towel? She was a single mom raising five kids and she sometimes worked two jobs. I would also ask her what music she would like to be played at her funeral.
  8. Q: What’s the best thing I can do for you right now? A: The dishes. DO THE DISHES.
  9. Q: Is there anything you wish you could change between us? A: I wish I would’ve made you the sole dishwasher of the family from a young age. And I wish you were more outspoken.
  10. Q: When did you realize you were no longer a child? A: When I took my first road rip to Florida. Or when we bought this house.
  11. Q: What’s the hardest thing about being a mom? What’s the best thing? A: The hardest is making time to be a mom. The best is knowing I created my kids and when I get to tuck them in at night.
  12. Q: If we could do anything together what would it be? A: Travel or watch Lifetime movies. (As you can tell we love our Lifetime movies.)

Well guys, that’s all I have with my mom. I would like to give credits to for the questions because I couldn’t come up with any on my own. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and are enjoying family week! Stay tuned for the next installment and as always feel free to like, comment, and share!!

-xox, dalg98


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