What’s on my music playlists??

What’s on my music playlists??

Hey guys! So a while ago I did a post similar to this where I talked about the music on my phone playlists. But I’ve really gotten into using other music service things, like Pandora and Spotify and Soundcloud. I really like using all of them especially Soundcloud and Spotify for one big reason….playlists. On these two apps I can make as many playlists as I want which makes listening to my favorite music simple and easy to access. Instead of constantly skipping through songs to find the two or three that I actually like, I can simple creat a new playlist, label it whatever and go. I have so many playlists between Soundcloud, Spotify, and just my music on my phone or tablet. Here are a few that really get me in a good mood or whatever.

  • Spotify Playlist 1: so this is like my Sammy Wilk/Nate Maloley/Jack and Jack playlist. It’s Sammy’s new album mostly but with a few extra’s thrown in.
  • Random Soundcloud 1 – this one has some Sammy Wilk, Mahogany LOX, and Jack and Jack on it and I’m pretty sure I made it as a shower music playlist at first but now I listen to it whenever.
  • Roadtrippin’ – another Soundcloud playlist, I made this one on the way to Florida when I got sick of listening to whatever my dad had playing or I was trying to drown out the sound of my little brother saying he was bored. In addition to yet more Sammy Wilk and Nate Maloley, there’s some Jackson Guthy and Jake Miller thrown in there as well.
  • Spotify Playlist 2 – as you can tell, the names of my playlists are very original. Anyways, this one has yup, you guessed it, more Sammy Wilk along with Becky G, Julianne Hough, and Jesse McCartney.
  • 2000’s Ish – stepping away from my current favorite songs and jumping back to when music first started getting my attention. I’m actually listening to this one right now. There’s everything from The All American Rejects to Metro Station and this playlist is usually the one I listen to when I’m writing.

So yeah, there you have it. Some of the music I listen to. My music taste is all over the place and one minute I’m listening to High School Musical but the next I have G-Eazy blasting. I can listen to anything and everything and find something that I like.

Comment some of your favorite songs here or on my Facebook page: facebook.com/lifeofateenchick. Until next time lovelies!
-xox, dalg98


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