I literally hate packing.

I literally hate packing.

What’s up guys it’s Dallas and I’m back with another Wednesday blog post!

I just got back from Chicago and soon will be heading to school (woohoo!!). Chicago was really cool and I had a lot of fun but it’s time to get back to the real world. 

I just went out and bought a bunch of school and dorm stuff and I’m definitely sure I spent way too much and bought too much crap I’ll probably never use. I’ve also come to the conclusion that I’m the worst procrastinator in the entire world. I’m honestly surprised I went to get all my stuff already and didn’t wait until the day before.

In terms of packing I’ve sort of hit a wall. I hate packing so much even though I actually need to do it. Like I waited until eleven o’clock the night before we left for Chicago and then I was frustrated because I had once again waited until the last second to put everything in a suitcase. 

I have to take so much stuff with me for school, I feel like I’m literally uprooting my entire bedroom and taking it to Ypsilanti with me. Okay, that’s a little dramatic but you get it right? I have a lot of the stuff that I’m sure I’ll need for school but everytime I go through it, I find something else I don’t have that I think I need. And as of right now, all of my stuff is just in a pile in the middle of my floor and is slowly getting bigger and bigger. And I haven’t even gone through my closet yet. I haven’t even packed my clothes and the pile is pretty big already.

I’ve looked online and I’ve asked people who have already gone to college what kinds of things they think I will need and it’s great and all that I’m able to get information about this kind of stuff so easily and quickly, but unfortunately I’ve gotten so many different answers to questions. I asked my older cousin what he thought I would need for classes and then someone else told me I wouldn’t need half of that stuff. I looked online and found things that I had never even thought about. Ugh, it’s so stressful and frustrating.

I’m super excited about school and everything, but I’m also worried I’m packing too much. So if someone wants to let me know what they brought to school with them or what they think I might need, that’d be great. 

This post was kind of short and boring, I know. But my mind is kind of in a million other places and I have a ton going on right now so I’m sorry for my boringness. Next week I’ll tell you guys about Chicago and everything. We’re also getting close to my hundredth blog post so I plan on doing something big for that one! Stay tuned!!!

Anyways, that’s all I have for now guys. I’ll talk to you next Wednesday or maybe sooner if I have time and something to talk to you all about. Peace out!

-xox, dalg98


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