September Book Recommendation

September Book Recommendation

What’s up guys I’m back again with a new book recommendation! I know I didn’t post one last month but hopefully this one makes up for it.

Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles is probably one of my favorite books I’ve ever read. It’s right up there with the Harry Potter series and The Fault in our Stars. I read it in my freshman year of high school I believe and since then have read it a million more times.

Perfect Chemistry follows high school seniors Alex Fuentes and Brittany Ellis. They come from very different backgrounds, Alex from the poorer side of Illinois and Brittany from the upper class side. Brittany seems to lead a perfect life, captain of the dance team, good grades, pretty, lots of friends, girlfriend of the star football player. She works hard to keep up this ‘perfect’ lifestyle, even though her life is far from it. Alex on the other hand, knows his life is far from perfect. After watching the murder of his father at only six years old, he works hard to provide somewhat of a life for his mother and two younger brothers, even though that means being a part of a gang. Alex and Brittany end up being partnered together in chemistry class, despite both of their protests. But even though they despise each other at the beginning of the year, they soon find that both have secrets and confide in each other. This confiding ultimately leads to them falling in love with each other and while they don’t live happily ever after exactly, they have each other.

I think the reason I love this book so much is because I can relate somewhat to both characters. Like Brittany, my family probably has some secrets too. Everyone’s family has a few dark secrets, it wouldn’t be a family without them. And for Alex, we both come from a Mexican family. We both would do anything to protect our families and there’s a lot more to us than just what people can see on the outside.

I definitely suggest this book to anyone. It not only is a great love story, but leaves you thinking a lot. We all know people who have things going on in their lives that they don’t always talk about or show. Perfect Chemistry leaves readers with the message not to judge a book by its cover. It also shows the importance of family and friends and how loyal friends are really more like family.


Well guys that’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed this recommendation and you go out and read one of my all time favorites. Who knows, maybe you’ll get sucked into the rest of the series like I did and like them as much as I do. But, for now this is all I have for you guys. Make sure to check me out over at My Trending Stories, I write on there about more controversial things where this blog is more fun and laid back. If you want to find me there you can click on this link and can check out my recent posts there! I will talk to you guys next Wednesday!!! Peace out lovelies!!

-xox, dalg98

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