A poem to the celebrity that doesn’t know I exist

A poem to the celebrity that doesn’t know I exist

I’ve sat in the back at your shows,

I’ve sang to every song.

You don’t even know who I am,

but you make me feel like I belong.

Whether I found you when I was a kid,

or just the other day,

Time really makes no difference,

in what I have to say.

Thank you for being my light.

Thanks for sticking by my side.

Even though you don’t know who I am,

You’ve wiped every tear that I’ve cried.

You don’t know I exist,

but I think that that’s okay.

Because I have you to make me smile,

each and every day.


Okay, before you say anything I know this is super cheesy. But once again I waited until the last minute to write this blog and once again I had no clue what I was going to do. But I think this is relatable? Is this relatable? Maybe? Probably not. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to like, comment, and follow my blog for more Wednesday posts that I usually write late Tuesday nights. You can also keep up with me on other social media sites*, where I post pretty much every day! That’s all I got for today, until next week lovelies!!!!!

-xox, dalg98
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