Pros and Cons: College Edition (So Far at Least)

Pros and Cons: College Edition (So Far at Least)

What’s up guys it’s me, back with another wonderful blog post!!! As you may or may not know, I started college in September!!!!! Yes, Eastern Michigan University here I am. Even though I’ve only been at school for like a month and a half, I’ve learned enough to put together a sufficient blog post for you readers. So….let’s talk about college.

From just being here a month and a half, I can already tell you that college is much different than high school. But in a good way. I come from a relatively small town and EMU’s campus is probably the size of my hometown, maybe a little smaller. In high school I knew everyone in my graduating class but in college I barely know the people in my five different classes, at least, not as well as I knew my friends back home. Today I’m going to cover some of the pros and cons I’ve discovered about the college life, at least so far.

Pro: no dress code – this is a big one for me because my high school was big on the dress code. We didn’t have uniforms but we might as well have, at least the girls. In high school we couldn’t wear leggings or tank tops (even when it was 80 degrees out with no A/C) because it was a ‘distraction’. We couldn’t wear hats or backpacks. But in college, no principal is standing over you checking to make sure your shorts are finger tip length. You literally can wear pajamas to class and no one says a word.

Con: no one’s standing watch to make sure you go to class. You can skip if you just don’t feel like going. Some days I literally have to drag myself out of bed but I make myself go to class, even though I’d rather stay asleep. I didn’t realize how much I relied on my mom to make me go to school until I came to college and realized I’d have to take full responsibility for it.

Pro: you meet so many new people! Like I said before, I knew every single person in my graduating class. There were about 70 of us total. It wasn’t hard to stick with people you met from sports and things. I had the same friend group all through high school. Now that I’m in college I barely talk to any of them. I’ve met so many new people on campus and through different organizations I’ve joined. It’s hard to believe there are so many people out there who share so many things with you. Do you know how many other Harry Potter fans I’ve met so far? A lot.

Pro: downtime between classes. I have three classes Monday/Wednesday and two Tuesday/Thursday. Even though I have homework and clubs and other things to do, I find I have a lot of downtime. In high school it was class after class for 7 hours of the day with no breaks. No time to chill and catch up on homework. So it’s great to just be able to chill in my room or at Starbucks and work on homework when I have time between classes and after classes.

Pro: you take classes that will actually help you in your career field once you graduate. In high school we all took stupid classes and learned things that we probably could have cared less about and didn’t gain anything that would help us in our specific careers later. Now that I’m in college I’m taking classes that will give me skills I will definitely use later as a journalist.

Con: lots and lots of homework and even more stress. You really need to learn how to manage your time. And there have already been times where I waited until the last minute to do something and then got super stressed out because I waited till the last second. In college you get a lot of projects and homework and it usually pretty simple if you pay attention in class and take notes, it’s just a matter of sitting down and doing the work. College has introduced me to a whole new level of stress that I didn’t even know existed, but I’ve found some ways to cope with it (and you can read about some of those right here).


Well, there you go! Some of the pros and cons I’ve learned so far as a college student. I hope you enjoyed this post and found it enlightening as well as entertaining. Like, comment, and follow my Facebook page so I know someone is reading these posts!!! Make sure to keep up with me on all my social media sites, I will post them below and until next time peace out homies!!!

-xox, dalg98




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